What Is the Least Expensive Heating System?
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On December 17, 2021

Heating a home is beneficial and it is also expensive. Heating of homes varies based on the system used, region and even by the size of houses. Nobody knows when the price of sources of heating systems will increase. The big puzzle is figuring the best method to heat your home. What heating system will be the most cost-effective now and the future is unknown. So, we did our research and we discovered the perfect solution to the big question everybody is asking. In this article, we have compiled everything that you need to solve this mystery. Let’s get down to business:

We shall discuss all the various types at The Architecture Designs of heating systems with their cost of operation.


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Oil has been used to heat homes for a very long time. It is the source of fuel that drives oil boilers and oil furnaces. Oil boilers aren’t common in some parts of the world such as the United States of America. Though, its cost of operations and efficiency make it more expensive than other boilers. In the previous years, the best oil burners out there could achieve about 75% efficiency. These days, manufacturers have upgraded oil burners such that they can now achieve a maximum efficiency of 90%. If you want to use oil burners, you need to install a stainless-steel liner in your chimney and that’s an extra cost. Also, oil prices fluctuate regularly due to many reasons. The prices can’t be regulated as there are different world organizations that cause fluctuations.

Natural gas and propane

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Natural gas and propane are another source of heating your homes. It’s a great option for oil boilers. The main advantage of these gases is that they burn cleaner than oil. It has been discovered that propane gas hasn’t been cost effective but still better than natural gas. The energy content of natural gas and propane is lower than that of oil. According to a report, about 1.8 million homes in the United Kingdom lack access to gas. Most of these people have to resort to compressed propane which is usually delivered via trucks to various homes.


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In the previous centuries, wood was the only fuel humans were using to heat their homes. People discarded it when they had better options like gas, electricity and oil. Some people still use it and it is commonly seen in rural areas that have forests. It’s stressful cutting down the trees and even expensive while trying to replace trees and transporting the fell trees to required locations.


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Electric boiler from Culm Stores is the best heating system out there. They convert 100% of the electric energy into heat unlike other sources that couldn’t achieve such efficiency. It doesn’t generate waste or smoke. Using electricity to heat your homes is expensive but the benefits outpaces the cost. You don’t need any addition of attachment to your chimney. Electric boiler is the answer to the big question.

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