10 Benefits of Using LED Strip Lights in Interior Design
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On September 1, 2023

Countless homeowners today are making the move to LED lighting. They have seen the benefits of doing so and wish to switch to this lighting style completely. LED lights work in older homes and are ideal for modern residences built in the past few years. In fact, many people who have historical homes now have LED lighting in their homes in one or more places, even if it is a bedside lamp they bought for a rarely used guest room.

One thing a person might overlook when making the move to LED lighting is strip lights. However, the versatility of these lights makes them ideal for use in multiple areas of the home, and they aren’t difficult to install. What are some benefits seen with the use of these lights, and how should a homeowner select the right Led strip light for their residence? The following guide answers these questions and more.

LED Strip Light Options

LED strip lights come in many styles, but they all have one thing in common. They are long, narrow lights designed to spread light across a larger area. However, consumers should consider several options when making this purchase.

Classic Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

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Classic strip lights feature multiple little bulbs and remain the most common types of lights available. Choose from warm, neutral, or soft white options depending on where they will be used. Some people prefer a subtle look to the lighting, while others want a more bold appearance. Understated options are also offered.

Color-Changing Strip Lights

Similar in many ways to classic strip lights, color-changing LED lights feature different colors. The lights might be a single color or the strip might contain several colors. A person might even find a strip that will change colors as desired.

Light Bars

An LED light bar offers the same benefits as strip lights. The main difference between the two is a light bar produces a solid beam of light. It doesn’t have the small bulbs seen with other styles. Light bars aren’t as flexible as light strips, but they produce brighter light and the intensity is greater. People often choose this option when they want task or furniture lighting. However, they may be used in other areas as well.

Neon Flex Lights

LED Strip Lights

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Consider a neon flex light when it is hard to choose between LED strips and light bars because they offer the benefits of both. These lights provide a solid beam of light while offering flexibility for an increased range of movement. If LED light strips are desired in curved spaces, neon flex lights are the best option. People might also use them where they want different colored lights.

Why Choose LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights add a modern touch to any room. However, they do much more than this. These lights come with a host of benefits a person should know when deciding whether they are the right selection for the home. What are some of these benefits?

Increased Energy Efficiency

LED lights use significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs. Making the switch to this option will allow a person to reduce their carbon footprint while keeping more money in their back pocket. In fact, making the move to LED lights can increase the energy efficiency of the home by up to 70 percent. This drastic improvement greatly benefits the homeowner and the planet.

Extended Lifespan

LED Strip Lights

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One thing people love about LED bulbs is their long lifespan. Changing a light bulb serves as nothing more than an inconvenience in certain situations. However, at times, it can be a downright hassle, and a person might do everything possible to avoid completing this task. Nobody wants to stop what they are doing to run out and purchase light bulbs either.

LED lights last up to 50,000 hours. A person might find they only need to change a light bulb in a fixture once every ten years or so. They might even find they want to change the fixture itself before the light bulb needs to be changed because they last so long.

Reduced Maintenance

LED lights come with a higher price tag at the time of purchase. However, the extended lifespan means the owner actually saves money in the long run. The bulbs are worth the extra cost because they need to be replaced less often, which saves the owner both time and money.

Ease of Installation

LED Strip Lights

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People love how easy it is to install one or more LED light strips in the home. The average person can install these lights and transform a space in a matter of minutes or hours. Most strips come with self-adhesive backing to ensure this is the case. The owner simply removes the protective cover from this backing and sticks the backing to the desired surface. They won’t need any special tools to do so.

Some LED light strips come with Plug & Play technology today. A person can control the light strips with the help of a central remote. There is no need for extensive rewiring in the home when using these lights.


People love the versatility of plug-in LED strip lights. Once they learn the light strips can be cut to size or extended with the help of connectors, they quickly find new places they can be installed in the home to provide illumination. People often turn to classic LED light strips or neon flex versions for awkward places in the home where it would be challenging to install conventional fixtures. The flexible nature of the LED light strips makes it easy to install the lights in these areas. In addition, manufacturers now offer a range of light strips for different locations throughout the home. For example, a person can choose a light strip with a waterproof coating for use in the bathroom or outdoors.

Reduced Risk of Overheating

LED Strip Lights

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LED lights don’t produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs, which means they are less like to overheat thanks to their energy efficiency. Homeowners appreciate this, as they want to protect their loved ones and assets from harm. Parents and pet owners love this, as they can keep their children and pets from harm while still having the light they need throughout the home. LED light strips are less of a fire risk in every way.

Illuminate Furnishings

Strip lights can be placed anywhere a person desires. They may use them to draw attention to display cases in the home or to light up cabinets and shelves. Install the light strips along the edges of the cabinet or use them on each shelf to achieve a more dramatic look. The lights may also be placed around a piece of art in the home to bring more attention to it. Any item a person is especially proud of can be emphasized by adding LED lights.

Take Gaming to the Next Level

A person can take their gaming to the next level by recreating a retro arcade in their home. Install colored LED strips in the gaming area and transform the feel of the space. The strips may be placed around the TV, near speakers, or along the walls. The ideas are endless, and all colored LED light strips will change the way the entire area looks and feels.

Layered Lighting

LED Strip Lights

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Interior designers recommend layering lighting for the best outcomes. LED light strips may be used to help achieve this goal. When selecting these light strips, a person should choose lights with warm white bulbs. Cool white bulbs can leave a room feeling like a hospital ER, one that is sterile and unappealing to visit. The larger the area covered by the lights, the more this effect will be seen.

Don’t overdo it with LED strip lights. Use them sparingly to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Pair the light strips with other lighting options, such as small lamps. In addition, consider using dimmer switches to better control the intensity of the lights and the overall feel of the room.

Additional LED Lighting Options

Other areas of the home benefit from LED light strips. Interior and exterior steps are often difficult to navigate in low-light conditions. Illuminate them with LED light strips to ensure nobody gets hurt. In addition to increasing the safety of individuals, the light strips add a touch of elegance anywhere they are used. People take notice of the lights and how they brighten up any space.

Furthermore, kids love having LED lights in their rooms. Add some color-changing light strips and watch their faces light up. There are many places where these lights can be used in the bedroom. They may be placed along the skirting boards, around the child’s bed frame, along shelves in the room, or anywhere the child desires.

LED light strips continue to increase in popularity, and it is easy to see why. They can be used anywhere a person wants more light, and they don’t cost much to operate. The extended lifespan of these devices ensures a person gets their money’s worth every time they use them. Learn more today to see if they are the right option for you.

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