7 Machinery Needed On a Construction Site
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On January 20, 2023

Countless tools and machinery are needed for construction sites. Whether it’s a simple hammer or something more high-tech, like a tower crane, a lot is required. But because so much is necessary, it can be tricky to figure out the best options to include on a site. 

Below is some machinery that is often needed for construction jobs and the tasks they’re suited for. 

7 Machinery Types Needed for Construction Sites


Machinery Needed On a Construction Site

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As its name suggests, compactors compact terrain. They usually feature a large roller that is moved up and down the construction site to set the terrain in place. This roller can either be vibratory, smooth-wheeled, or grid.

A vibratory one uses strong vibrations to set dirt into place. Smooth-wheeled rollers have a large steel drum that’s rolled over the ground and is ideal for sandy or silty areas. Grid rollers feature metal bars that apply extra pressure to the surface, which is why they’re often relied on for coarse-grain soils (those that usually have some gravel in them). 


Excavators have a small rotating cab on them that an operator sits in to move its boom and bucket. The boom is a long arm that attaches to a bucket so it can be moved around to different areas and angles. 

An excavator like John Deere excavators is used to quickly dig up and move large amounts of soil for things like a structural foundation or to lay pipes. 

This machine comes in a few different forms. Some include: 

  • Standard (crawler)
  • Hydraulic
  • Wheeled
  • Skid


Machinery Needed On a Construction Site

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One of the most noticeable pieces of construction machinery is cranes. They’re relied on for lifting and moving items to different locations. That’s why you should find a reliable crane equipment partner like John Sakach.

Construction cranes come in a variety of types. One of the most common is a tower crane. This reaches staggering heights, so it’s ideal to use on sites where this is necessary. However, because it tends to be a bit large, it’s not ideal to use in small areas. It also typically needs to be secured to the ground. 

Another common construction crane is a vehicle-mounted one. As its name implies, this is attached to a vehicle so that it can be moved to different areas easily. An operator can sit in its cab, direct the machine vertically or horizontally, and often rotate 360°.

Some other cranes available include:

  • Telescopic
  •  Loader
  • Floating
  • Railroad
  • Aerial


Machinery Needed On a Construction Site

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This machinery is frequently relied on because it’s compact yet durable. Thanks to this, it can fit into tight spaces while transporting heavy materials, like bricks or wood beams. This helps keep the job moving quickly, so workers don’t have to keep unloading and moving these items themselves. 

While useful, forklifts can run into some problems if they don’t have the right attachments. This is why versatile forklift attachments are essential for construction forklifts. You’ll want to make sure the attachment is easy to maneuver but strong enough to transport heavy materials. 

As you search for ideal attachments, you’ll find they come in a variety of forms. These include pallet forks, fork extensions, and trailer movers. Each has its own purpose, so it’s crucial to fully understand what they offer and what you need for the job. 


Another important construction machine is the bulldozer. This device pushes and lifts materials (like dirt and sticks) to various locations. They’re also built to move safely up elevated surfaces thanks to their grooved grousers, making them quite versatile. 


Machinery Needed On a Construction Site

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A trencher is equipped with a large metal chain that’s covered in sharp steel teeth. This earthmoving tool will dig into the ground to create deep trenches. Doing this helps quickly remove dirt so foundations and similar aspects can be set. 

There are two construction trenchers available: ride-on and walk-behind. A ride-on trencher can be driven through a construction site and is best for larger jobs that need to be done quickly. Walk-behind models are more compact and ideal for small spaces or those with angles. 

Cold Planer

This machine helps rip apart asphalt surfaces with a rotating drum. As it does so, it will also dig into the ground to a desired depth. This will help set the new layer better. Apart from this, the scraper can be adjusted to move around certain obstacles (like a manhole) without damaging them. 

Cold planers are often ideal for assisting with pavement recycling. As it crumbles up the existing surface, it will also mix in new materials before they’re set in place together. This makes it a great option for those who want to offer more eco-friendly options for their construction service. 

Construction sites require quite a bit of different machinery, all of which have unique abilities to help get the job done right. The ones listed above are some of the most crucial, thanks to their durability and efficiency. 

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