8 Essential Maintenance Tips for a Storage Container
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On July 29, 2022

If you have decided to buy or rent a storage container, you may be wondering how you can keep it in good condition. Storage containers are often used to house messy or dirty materials, and they are often usually placed outdoors and exposed to the elements. It is especially important to keep your unit in good shape if you are returning it, but you’ll want to keep it clean either way to ensure your stored items are safe. Read on for 8 essential maintenance tips for storage containers.

1. Choose a Level, Clean Location

Maintenance Tips for a Storage Container

source: containerstorageunits.co.uk

Before your storage container is delivered by your storage container company, make sure you have chosen a good place to keep it. Clean the area thoroughly and try to choose a space that isn’t especially dirty or muddy. You may also want to con sider choosing an area that is not downhill and will not be subject to water pooling. Level ground is ideal for your storage container as the doors will not open and close properly otherwise. Uneven ground also allows for the possibility of corrosion from puddles. 

2. Watch Out for Rust

Storage containers are made from strong, durable materials. However, most materials are corrosion-resistant rather than corrosion-proof. Storage containers may be sensitive to salt-air environments as well. If you are keeping your unit in a coastal or rainy environment, inspect it for rust from time to time. If you notice any, you will want to treat it right away so that it doesn’t spread or worsen.

3. Clean Inside and Outside

Maintenance Tips for a Storage Container

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As with any space, it is important to do some routine cleaning. Make it a regular part of your routine to wipe down the exterior and interior. Invest in some appropriate cleaning agents and keep your container as free of dust and dirt as possible. This is also important for ensuring your stored items stay clean and in good condition. A storage container expert can help you choose the right products for your particular container.

4. Keep Doors Closed

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your container clean is to keep the door closed. Whenever you are not actively removing or adding items to your container, the doors should be securely closed. Make sure to also invest in strong, quality security features and locks. You may not expect local wildlife to be able to get into your unit, but you never know. A strong lock may also deter potential thieves, who can easily damage your unit if they think they can get in.

5. Do Not Overload Your Container

Maintenance Tips for a Storage Container

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Storage containers are made to be stackable. They come in various sizes to accommodate a range of stored materials. However, storage containers are designed to hold weight at the four corners rather than across the roof. If you are stacking units, distribute stored items towards the corners rather than across the roof to prevent damage to the unit and to the contents.

6. Keep the Roof Clean

If you are keeping your container outside, it is entirely possible that some debris will collect on the roof. Debris, limbs, leaves, standing water, snow, and ice can quickly accumulate and create a mess. This can lead to premature thinning of the metal. After a weather event, you will want to check your container’s roof. You will also want to check out the roof out on a regular basis and make sure it is clean. 

7. Replace Caulk and Weatherstripping

Maintenance Tips for a Storage Container

source: axcessbox.com

Caulk and weatherstripping should be replaced once they start to peel or crack. These materials are put in place to maintain appropriate air conditions within your unit and keep environmental debris out. These can easily ware wear out over time, so make sure to inspect the doors and windows of your unit periodically. 

8. Listen to the Experts

The best thing you can do to maintain your storage container is to follow the instructions of your storage container company. The experts can provide maintenance recommendations and let you know how to repair any issues that may arise. Be sure to following all recommendations they give you for climate control system maintenance so that adequate moisture and humidity levels are maintained. Depending on what you use your container for, these instructions may vary.

In Conclusion

If you have recently rented or purchased a storage container, you probably want to keep it in good shape. There are simple steps you can take, like checking for dirt, water, and rust from time to time, as well as cleaning the inside and the outside regularly, that will ensure your container remains in good condition and keeps your stored items safe. Work with your storage container provider to develop a maintenance plan that will keep it in the best condition possible for the long term.

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