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On August 27, 2022

For most people, hiring professional window cleaners, like Orange County window cleaner, to clean their windows is considered a luxury and an unnecessary expense. But the truth is, window cleaning can be a huge factor in extending the lifespan of your windows in the long run. 

With the help of professional window cleaners, you’ll get better results in cleaning your windows compared to when you do it yourself. In fact, it may even be more cost efficient to hire professional window cleaners instead of just doing it by yourself and purchasing the tools and cleaning products to get the job done. Many professional window cleaners also offer exterior home services, such as roof cleaning and pressure washing, as part of a package. Sounds like a great deal, no?

This article will try to provide answers to some of the most common questions regarding professional window cleaning. 

What is Included in Professional Window Cleaning Services?

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You might think that hiring professional window cleaners is a waste of money because all they do is wipe off dirt from your windows. But window cleaning is more complicated than that. Below are some of the services included when you hire window cleaners like Orange County window cleaner:

Prepping the windows –this is the first step in window cleaning which involves removing all the screens from the windows and cleaning the debris and dirt from each screen using a wet mop.

First phase of window washing –then your windows are washed from the inside and outside at the same time, depending on the kind and style of windows you have. This phase removes all loose and easy-to-remove stains from your windows. 

Second phase of window washing –next, window cleaners use a special window cleaning product with a wet mop to remove dirt. This step helps loosen up stubborn and hard-to-remove debris. 

Third phase of window washing –this step involves using professional handheld razor blades to gently scrape all remaining muck and dirt on the windows. Then they brush the glass again with a wet mop. 

Clean Glass –the cleaners use a squeegee to clean the glass and remove dirt and streaks on it. The result? Squeaky clean windows that looks new just like the day you first moved in. 

Finishing Up –this is the last step where the cleaners wipe the edges of the windows and sills.

Inspection –after cleaning, the cleaners inspect the windows to see if they missed a spot or if there are any damages such as scratches, broken seals, or rot. 

Clean up –lastly, cleaners will not leave your home without making sure the area is clean and that everything is put back in its proper place. 

When Should You Wash Your Windows?

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If you’re wondering when the best time to clean your windows is, then you might consider getting them cleaned during Springtime. Dirt, grime, pollution, and other unwanted stuff can accumulate on your windows over time, especially during the winter season. But, contrary to popular belief, you can clean your windows any time of the year. You can clean them even during the rainy season and no, the rain will not make them dirty again! As a matter of fact, rain will keep your windows clean and decrease the chances of dirt, pollution, dust, and pollen floating in the air and keep them from your windows. 

Why Should You Clean Your Windows?

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Every home or commercial establishment has different levels of window cleaning needs. But below are just some benefits you can get from cleaning your windows cleaned by professional window cleaners like Orange County window cleaner. 

Improves Appearance –if you’re planning to sell your home, or want to attract new customers into your business, you might want to consider getting your windows professionally cleaned. Having clean windows not only improves your property’s appearance from the outside, but also from the inside. Grime that accumulate on your windows can block natural light from coming in and can appear unsightly to your visitors or customers. 

Prolongs the Life of Your Windows –professional window cleaners can remove harmful elements and mold from your windows, window frames, and sills. This helps reduce the chances of further damage on your windows and save you money on expensive repairs and renovations in the future. 

Helps Maintain Window Efficiency –part of a window cleaner’s job is to thoroughly inspect each window for damages that can cause fogging, condensation, air leaks, and lead to higher energy bills. 

Safety –when you have large windows or windows that are positioned up high, you always run the risk of getting injured from climbing the ladder to clean them. One of the benefits of availing the services of Orange County window cleaner is that they can inspect your windows and make sure your windows are not at risk of opening in case a fire occurs. 

Preparing for Window Cleaning

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There are a couple of things you can do to prepare a window for cleaning, such as:

  • Clean your blinds or curtains off any dust that may come into contact with your windows
  • Relocate any items or personal belongings away from the windows and take down any decorations hanging on the windows. 
  • Check your window screens and shutters and decide if you want them cleaned as well. They can be included in your window washing.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Usually Cost?

The price of window cleaning services can range from $10 up to $15 per window, or $4 up to $8 per pane. Some window cleaners charge more for third and fourth-floor ladder work, adding at least $3 to $5 per window.

Factors like window type, size, and location can affect the cost, as professional cleaners can clean an entire set of residential windows at the same price as a single large commercial window. Other factors, such as repainting or stain removal, should be considered as well. Be ready to pay more If you want to avail additional services such as shutter and blind cleaning as well. 

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