Patio Project – Three Reasons to Go with Concrete
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On March 31, 2021

The patio is a Spanish word that means a house’s courtyard. For most homeowners, it serves as their outdoor haven. If you are in Columbus and you are looking for a concrete patio Columbus contractor, you might find it pretty easy. Concrete is a pretty popular choice when it comes to patio material. You can easily find a concrete patio contractor because it is a common service offered.

Concrete is not the only material used for a building patio. Other options include brick, gravel, and crushed rock. When picking a material, consider what it is for, your budget, your architect’s suggestion, and the space available for your patio.

With different materials available in building a patio, why consider a concrete patio in the Columbus area?

Three Reasons to Go with Concrete Patio

Concrete patio


  • Flexibility – Using concrete for your patio offers versatility. Each concrete slab can be stained for added style and design. A professional concrete patio contractor can make your concrete patio floor look natural or with intense shades. There are different finishing techniques available for concrete so you can simply choose the best. Your concrete patio Columbus can provide you these options so you can easily choose based on your preference or the current design and style of your home.
  • Durability – a properly maintained concrete patio can last up to 30 years. It means power washing and scrubbing your patio once in a while or as advised by your concrete contractor. It depends on how much traffic your patio is receiving from your family and friends. Resealing is also included in the maintenance to add life to your smooth concrete patio. As compared to other patios made of different materials like wood, these are the only maintenance you need to keep.

For example, a wooden deck needs to be polished and resealed plus to waterproof it. There are also added costs for anti-mold and mildew cleaner. Patios made of paved stones or bricks don’t last for up to 30 years because of occasional chipping and cracking (especially when experiencing regular heavy foot traffic).

Concrete patio


As a bonus, long shelf-life also equates to being eco-friendly as there is less waste in building and maintaining a concrete patio.

  • Affordability – from building to maintenance, the price of hiring a concrete patio Columbus contractor is cheaper as compared to building a brick or wooden patio. The cost of having a concrete contractor increases once you start adding designs and styles to your concrete patio. This in return will also increase the value of your home in the long run, another win-win situation that having a stylish concrete patio offers.

Things to Consider Before Building a Concrete Patio

You can get creative when designing your concrete patio. Your concrete patio Columbus contractor can help you make decisions that can make your project a success in terms of patio design, location, and cost. If you can hire a local concrete patio contractor, it would be best. You can easily call reach them in case you need to or if you have questions.

Now that we have established the benefits of having a concrete patio, here are some considerations you can take before hiring a concrete patio Columbus contractor near you.

Side yard or backyard patio?

Concrete patio


This will depend on which space is greener or where you can find more peace. Your patio can be your reading place so you might as well build it where there is silence. If you want to maintain privacy while on the patio, you might want to consider adding a fence or surround it with shrubs to keep your view obscured.

Combining materials or sticking with one?

You can combine concrete slabs surrounded with gravels or concrete slabs filled with crushed rocks in between or in the middle. It can add beauty to your patio, but you have to consider how it will react once it rains. If you have friends who love wearing high heels, you might want to stick with a smooth concrete patio as well.

Square or curvaceous?

Concrete patio


Patios can be designed accordingly. You can have a square-shaped patio or a curvaceous one, depending on the space. You can also make a round-shaped one. Consider the added work to your concrete contractor if you decide on having a round-shaped patio. It means cutting the concrete slabs to fit the shape that you desire. If there is a tree in the middle of your available space or a small garden, use it to make your patio more interesting.


Hiring a concrete patio Columbus contractor is highly recommended if you want your patio project to be a success. It can make the job easier and faster. If you are in the Columbus area, you can easily find a concrete contractor that can help you build your home’s courtyard.  

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