Top Tips For Selling To Interior Designers
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On March 31, 2021

Top tips for selling to interior designers are simple and easy to understand. If you want your home to be well thought out, you will need to follow some guidelines when marketing your services. Marketing to interior designers can be as simple as giving a presentation and waiting for a response. The best time to start selling your services is in the fall, not the winter, when people are more likely to be home decorating and less likely to be hiring interior designers. Fall means home renovations, which typically means a higher turnover.

What are interior designers?

Interior Designers


Interior design simply refers to the process of arranging and creating the internal arrangements of a physical place. In other words, interior design is an art and science concerned with the beautification of a living being by integrating interior spaces and exteriors. Interior designers are responsible for the aesthetic appreciation of the environment and thus facilitate the betterment of the way a place looks and feels. Interior designers have to plan and work for the decoration of the place, but they also have to follow certain guidelines that form part of the Design Standards Organization (DSO) for interior designing. Interior designers are thus skilled persons who create a beautiful ambience by using various means like furniture, lighting, fabrics, walls, partitions, etc.

Mostly, they are used for planning and organizing interior spaces and determining the best means of carrying out these plans. Interior designers usually belong to the commercial set of professionals, as opposed to the creative or residential sector. Commercial interior designers are involved in planning, organizing, buying, selling, and maintaining spaces for businesses like hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, film studios, etc., and thus have to be specialized in their field. 

Why should you hire interior designers? 

Interior Designers


Interior designing services are required by many individuals in this day and age. Homes are getting more personalized, with interiors incorporating photographs, paintings, computer software, printed media, etc. Interior decorators help you create the perfect ambience and ambience for your home. These professionals help you design as well as manage the entire showroom of your home.

Contact interior designers and build rapport with them

If you are marketing to interior designers, you should begin by contacting your local interior designers. Find out what they like and dislike about their current jobs. What makes them feel like they are working on a great project? What makes them feel like they are getting paid fairly? This information will give you an idea of what your industry is like.

Make sure your contact details are listed in business directories

Interior Designers


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A good tip that many people forget is to get your name and number of clients listed in business directories and yellow pages. Interior decorating contracts run by professional associations do list business names and phone numbers. If you don’t want to get your name in the phone book, then run a full-page ad in the local newspaper. Even just having your phone number and/or e-mail displayed on your website will help potential clients know you exist.

Stay up-to-date with the industry news

One of the best tips for selling to interior designers is to stay up-to-date with the industry news. This will ensure you never miss any deadlines. Be sure and look at your competition. You may even find some areas that your services are lacking and try to make yours better, so it appears more valuable.

Find out how to get your designs accepted

Interior Designers


Don’t be afraid to talk to your local design association or contractor’s association and let them know you are looking for new clients. Don’t let your home sit on the shelf until someone decides it is time for a renovation. It could be the perfect opportunity to make a sale.

Have a good market price for your services

Always be sure you have a good market price for your services. The competition will make it harder for you to attract clients. Always make sure that your pricing and fees are comparable to the quality of your service without underpricing or overpricing. Make sure your fees are competitive enough to stay in the market. Offer discounts from time to time to attract more clients.  The most important thing when selling your services to an interior designer is to relax and enjoy yourself. You should be ready to give at least a couple of weeks notice before proposing your services.

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