What Degree Nail Gun Is Best For Framing?
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On February 13, 2021

Despite 21-degree nails being most commonly used, a huge debate rounded down between 28 and 30-degree nails. Which one is the best one? 

When building the house frame, we all want the best nail gun for framing as a result read more to find out. Fast and precise nailing results in a firm frame to build your home sweet home. While handling such homebuilding work, you need to be careful to look out for the best nails. 

To know the differences, you need to have proper knowledge about all the varieties out there. So which one do you think is the best? Let’s dive in. 

Does the nailer angle make any impact? 

Degree Nail Gun

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Before we go through the details of framing nailers let us get to know about some basic details. The degree of a framing nailer is the crossing line of the magazine and the nailer head. 

There are various angles of nail guns available in the market. The number is limited from 0 to 34 degrees. 0, 15, 21, 28, 30-34 are like the most commonly used ones in them. So keep reading to get broader knowledge on these angles. 

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30 to 34-Degree Framing Nailers

Degree Nail Gun

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When it comes to handling and being feasible, no other nailers can beat 30 to 34-degree framing nailers. 

They are light in weight, easy to take, and require small space. The nails are joined together with paper. Clipped head nails consist of up to 80 nails per clip. These attributes make them better than 21 or 28-degree nailers. 

Even in terms of performance, 30-degree nails are way better than others.  Another advantage is you can access those tight corners of your furniture which is not applicable to other nailers. 

28-Degree Framing Nailer

Degree Nail Gun

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Better than 21-degree but not the best, introducing 28-degree framing nailer. 

The magazine is a lot more inclined and flexible. They can also reach tight places at ease. The nails are also nestled together while heads overlapping each other. The nails also drive in the design of the head and offset nails too. 

The market consists of a few renowned framing nailer brands. They are known as the best 28-degree nailer out there. Go and stalk the market, you’ll find what you need. 

Degree Nail Gun

Degree Nail Gun

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The only framing nailer that has the same level of magazine and clip, 21-degree framing nailers. 

The nails of this 21 degree nailer are put together in plastic clips. This way, the more you drive it the more it will shatter. 

For construction work or house redecorating jobs, 21-degree framing nailers are referred to by many people as the building code often matches with it. 

The 21 degree nailers have a high ejection speed. It is the main advantage of these nailers. They are not coil collated. The plastic strip stands by holding the nail, as a result the nailed breaks into fine pieces when expired.  

However, when it comes to high-frequency works, 21-degree nailers are at a disadvantage. You have to reload when using it in such situations. Nevertheless, for farming, decking, siding 21-degree nailers are often the best choice. 

15-Degree Framing Nailers

Degree Nail Gun

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Last yet not least, the 15-degree framing nailers. 

These nailers are mainly used to process floors, wall studs, and tight corners in some cases. They consist of circular-shaped magazines. Up to 300 nails per clip on magazines. Coil collated form which is perfect for roofing purposes. Fully round-headed ones are only compatible with 15-degree nailers. 

The extremely heavy substance of these nailers makes them harder to use. This overweight often brings up challenges in unwanted situations. When working on overhead, it becomes difficult to handle. As a result, they are not preferred by many professionals and workers. 


Degree Nail Gun

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Every type of nailer has its pros and cons. The decision always stays up to the carpenter. Deciding on the environment or the situation is given, choices can vary. 

But judging from the general aspect, a 30-degree nailer comes in the best of framing nailers among professionals. The magazine capacity, performance, and flexibility are just a treat for the hands.

Now that you got your answer at The Architecture Designs, which one feels like the best to you? 

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