What is Redfin And How Do Agents Work?
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On February 12, 2021

Want to list your house on MLS at good rates? Are you confused about who provides the best real estate agent services? Well, I faced this problem last month when I want to list my grandparent’s house, so I decided to collect information. I read reviews of almost every website providing you listing services. Then I get to know about redfin and their services, so I know that selling with redfin is easy.

But for more satisfaction, I read redfin reviews. You might be thinking why I read reviews because reviews always give you honest suggestions and provide you real users’ experience.


source: redfin.com

After reading reviews, my work gets easier to hire a real estate agent at low rates and provide me with an accurate listing. Redfin agents’ reviews are positive, and they are providing very good services.

For your assistance, I have aligned some of the main points you should follow, while hiring an agent. If you are not aware of redfin, then let me give you a quick review of redfin.

What is redfin?

Redfin was established in past 2004. It’s an online listing portal that provides you all listing services and brokerage services. The best part about redfin is their agents work on incentive mole that means if you want to hire an agent, they will provide you all listing services in just a 1% to 1.5% commission rate that is quite exciting.


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So now, there is no need to pay a leverage amount of commission rates to the agents where you can get your listing process at just a 1% commission rate.

Redfin is also providing exclusive listing packages that you can avail of as per your choice. They are providing the following packages.

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Standard package 

Their standard package provides you with professional photos with a 3D walkthrough that you can use in any case of a pandemic, a placement on redfins’ website—a personal dashboard to update you with all activities and provides you with other marketing tools.

You can get this package at just a 1.5% agent commission rate. These commission rates are less than other rates of traditional real estate agents.

Concierge services


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A second package, redfin, is offering you concierge services that are also known as deluxe services. They also provide you additional services with all other services that are mentioned in standard listing services.

The real estate agent will make a draft of the home, make an improvement plan for real estate, give you a suggestion of home selling rates, and provide you open house services. You can hire this type of service at 2.5% commission rates. Isn’t it affordable?

One more extinguishing offer redfin is offering: if you buy and purchase any house through redfin at the same time, you can save 0.5% from both sides that mean you are still paying a 1.5% commission rate to agents.

Redfin now


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If you want to sell your house in less time without concern about low rates, this would be highly recommended because redfin makes an offer of a house in a maximum of 10 days, and you sell your house in less time.

Wrapping up

That up for the best. I will recommend you try redfin services to provide reliable and affordable services with the best redfin agent reviews.

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