Why Your St. Louis MO Heating System and Thermostat Stopped Working
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On September 21, 2022

There are many reasons that your heating system and thermostat can stop working. Some of these reasons might be something you can fix on your own, but for others you will need a professional to help you. You can do some research to help you to find some do-it-yourself solutions to your problems.

There are many places where you can do some research to find some help to figure out what problems your heating system issues. You can also call professionals such as Rhymes Heating & Cooling that can come out to help you. Professionals may charge you a service call to come out to your home, but it might be worth it to figure out your issues. 

This article will try to help you to learn some of the major reasons that your heating system and thermostat might stop working and some simple solutions for some of those reasons. You can try these solutions before you call the professionals out, just be careful not to do more damage that will cost you more money.

Faulty Thermostat

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The first thing that you need to do is to check the thermostat, it could be something simple to fix. You can check the settings on your thermostat to make sure that it is not set on “fan” or on “cool” instead of “auto” and “heat.” This, of course, is a simple fix, just change the setting. If these are not the reasons it is not working, you can call a professional to check it out. 

Damaged Primary Control

If the issue is not your thermostat, it might be your primary control. This controls everything on your heating system and can be faulty or damaged. If this is the issue, you will not be able to fix it yourself, you will have to have a professional fix it for you. 

Defective Check Valve

A check valve is used to help the water circulate in a boiler system and if it is damaged, the water will not circulate, and the system will not work. If you do some research, you might be able to replace this on your own, but it is better to call in a professional to help you do the job. You could make a mistake and end up causing more damage.

Clogged Air Filter

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Your issues could be as simple as a clogged air filter that needs to be cleaned or changed. Check the filters and see if they are dirty or clogged. If they are dirty, you can try and clean them if they are the type that can be cleaned. If the filter cannot be cleaned, you can buy a new filter and replace it. Make sure that you choose the right size to replace the old filter. 

Damaged Blower Motor

You could also have a damaged blower motor that might need to be repaired or replaced. If the blower is faulty, it will either stop blowing completely or it will run continuously. If this is happening, call in a professional, this is not something that you can fix on your own. 

Leaky Duct Work

You could have ductwork that needs to be repaired or replaced, as well. If your duct work is leaky or has holes in it, it will need to be replaced. It could be repaired, but it might just be a temporary fix that will need to be replaced at a later date. One thing that would signal leaky ductwork is a system that is continuously running. 

Poor Insulation

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You could also have poor insulation in your home that will cause your heating system to work harder. Make sure that you have proper insulation around windows, doors, walls, and floors. Once you have everything properly insulated, your system should begin to work better for you. 

Wrong Size Heating System

Your heating system could be too small for your home and if it is, it will not work properly for you. You need a system that is big enough to heat your entire home, or it will work overtime trying to keep your home warm. You will need to call in a professional to see what size heating system you will need for your home.

Old Heater

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It could be that your heating system is just getting too old and needs to be replaced. There gets to be a point that your system is just too old to do the job. Your system will just need to be replaced if this is the case, and you will need a professional to do that job. It requires technical knowledge that the regular person just does not have. 

Blocked Air Vents

Your problem could be something very simple like blocked air vents. You will need to check all your air vents and be sure that they are not blocked by furniture, toys, trash, or other debris. If they are blocked, simply clean the debris away from the vents and that should take care of your problems. This is something that can be done on your own without the assistance of a professional. 

These are just a few of the items that you can check to see why your heating system and thermostat are not working. You might have to call a professional for many of these items, but it might be something that you can fix entirely on your own. 

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