How Much do Electricians in Brighton Charge?
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On September 19, 2022

Whether you need the electrics at your house rewiring or you’re looking to install new lighting at your commercial premises, the chances are you will need to hire an electrician in Brighton at some point in your life.

From diagnosing electrical issues to installing new electrical connections and checking the safety of existing wiring, there are many tasks an electrician can perform. But finding a reputable tradesperson can be easier said than done these days – especially since rogue traders are providing electrical services without the necessary qualifications.

So, how do you spot a reliable electrician, and how much should you realistically pay?

What should you look out for when hiring an electrician in Brighton?

Electricians in Brighton Charge


An electrician is a highly qualified professional who has the appropriate tools and skills to deal with a wide range of electrical jobs. They will be well-versed in how to design, install, repair and inspect electricals – ensuring they comply with stringent safety regulations.

With the rising inflation rates affecting the cost of everything from food and drink to fuel, travel and electricity, we’re all eager to save ourselves some money. But hiring an unscrupulous electrician is not the answer.

Often, a rogue electrician will charge ridiculously low prices to make their electrical services more appealing than others within the same industry. However, most qualified electricians in Brighton will provide a tailored quote based on the extent of the work required.

Reputable electrical contractors will be proud of their accreditations too. Therefore, these will be displayed on their website and/or they will be more than happy to talk to you about them when you call them. If they’re not, take this as your warning sign to stay clear!

How much do electricians charge?

Electricians in Brighton Charge


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Some electricians in Brighton will charge an hourly rate, usually between £30 and £60. Others may quote on a daily or per job basis – ranging from £240 to £480.

If you need to hire an emergency electrician, these typically charge £50-£80 per hour, depending on the nature of the job and your precise location. But it’s money well spent if it means the issue is resolved without delay.

Simple tasks, such as replacing a light fitting or installing a dimmer switch are likely to require less time, labour and resources than bigger tasks like installing a fire alarm system or rewiring the entire house. And this will be reflected in the overall price you pay to hire an electrician in Brighton (or anywhere else).

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the age and condition of your electrical components can influence the price you’ll pay for an electrician. For example, if your electrics are in poor condition, it can make matters more complicated – requiring more time and leading to higher costs.

Need to hire an electrician in Brighton? 

Electricians in Brighton Charge


When it comes to hiring an electrician, it’s vital that you go to a trusted and experienced company, like Michael White Electrical Services Ltd.

Based in Portslade, approximately 20 minutes from the seaside resort, they aim to supply an electrician in Brighton within the hour – ensuring your electrics are dealt with safely and efficiently.

Their electrical team is fully qualified to undertake all aspects of domestic and commercial work, and they consider no job too big or too small. They even guarantee some of the most competitive tariffs around, meaning you won’t need to break the bank! 

To access your free, no-obligation quote, call Michael White Electricals on 0774 758 8711.

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