Know how to square lumber with a table saw safely
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On December 30, 2020


Struggling to make square your lumber? Before starting, know how to square using your table saw. Most of the woodworkers don’t know how to use a table saw for beginners. Following some guidelines makes it easy to cut lumber using a table saw.

Use a jointer tool which is equipped with a fence that allows to square lumber and make cleans cut. 

There are many ways to square lumber and get flat, square and, straight cut using a table saw. But if you use a jointer tool and follow our steps on how to square lumber with a table saw, hope your work will be successful. Also, in this article, you’ll get step-by-step instruction about table saw tips for beginners.

How to Square Lumber Using a Table Saw


To make a square your lumber, a jointer is a great tool that helps to make a perfect square. Also, the rip fence helps to make a perfect parallel to the right cut.

Set the rip fence whatever width you need according to your measurement. Push the lumber against the fence after using jointer along the blade of a table saw.

To make square lumber you will need:

  • Table saw
  • Lumber
  • Jointer
  • Fence guide
  • Flatten board
  • Safety elements
  • Stop push block
  • Power screwdriver
  • Screw

Steps of How to square lumber

How to Square Lumber Using a Table Saw


Follow all the below steps for squaring lumber using your saw. Don’t get nervous about how to start your work with woodcutting table saw. Start work serially for making precisely the work of wood tasks.

Wear safety equipment

When you’re going to cut lumber make it square, you should wear safety equipment like safety glasses, hearing protective earmuffs, and appropriate clothes. Avoid loose clothes, neckties, and jewelry because these can make any hazards.

Prepare your saw

Prepare your saw before starting work and check other internal adjustments on the table saw. Disconnect the power of the saw and clean the area as well as check all the elements whether they fit or not.

Adjust straight board 

How to Square Lumber Using a Table Saw


Screw the straight board with the lumber for pushing lumber easily against the fence along the blade to make square. For adjusting flatten board with lumber you have to use an impact driver. An impact driver is a great tool that will help you to hole, loosen, and tighten nuts into the straight board. Drill some holes to fit the screw so that the nuts make tight but not too tight. Adjust the straight board and lumber like hot glue for pushing the lumber easily.

Set up fence

Fence adjustment is the most important to square or cuts any type of wood. Set up the fence according to the desired cut distance so that you can push your lumber along the blade. Setting up the fence correctly you’ll get the exact measurement cut.

Use a push stick

Push stick will help you to push the lumber through the blade and keep your fingers safely away from the blade. You can find in online searching table saw push stick which can be built in the shop or woodworking supplier.

Set the blade height

How to Square Lumber Using a Table Saw


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It might be complicated to set the blade height for cutting exactly the following dimensions. But only for the lumber table saw blade height is changed several times. Because lumber wood dimension is not equal so it isn’t possible to set the blade height fixed to make square lumber.

Start saw

Before operating the saw turn on the switch. But again check all the elements are fitted properly or not such as the fence guide and all the types of equipment.

Push the lumber

Using push stick the straight board with lumber against the fence towards the blade. Remove the straight board after cutting the lumber and again join the board with lumber and make it square cut. In this way, you have to join the straight board with lumber and remove the straight board again and again until it makes a square.


How to Square Lumber Using a Table Saw


In the part of the summary, we’re providing short instructions for making square lumber with the table saw.  

Use a power screwdriver

Make holes onto the straight board to make join with lumber.

Adjust the straight board with the lumber

Wear safety pieces of equipment

Prepare the table saw

Set up fence

Once you’re satisfied all tools are properly set up then be ready to cut.

Use push stick

Push the jointer board against the fence along the blade

After cutting change the angle and make square the lumber

Remove jointer and make cuts three or four times until it makes a square.

Besides, change the fence setting the desired cut distance. 

Bring the lumber back safely but make sure it has been finished.

What you should dos and don’ts

How to Square Lumber Using a Table Saw


Don’t push lumber without a jointer.

Don’t use the fence at the same time to make the square cut.

Stand behind the lumber and don’t push into the fence too hard.

Be aware to keep safe yourself and get rid of kickback injury.

Clean up all the tools and your table saw.


An excellent table saw blade and following all the steps you’ll get a better result the project of squaring lumber. In this article, we’ve discussed overall tips and you should use your common sense to make square the lumber. Follow all the above steps and make perfect square cuts using your table saw.

If you’ve furthermore question on how to square lumber with a table saw, just drop a comment. Thanks for reading and hope this article will be helpful for you.

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