Top 14 Interior Design YouTube Influencers that You Must Follow
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On February 13, 2021


There is no questioning the value of YouTube as a content promotion platform, with a whopping 1.9 billion logged-in users viewing each month. The video format is handy for conveying complex processes that involve long explanations, making it suitable to communicate their ideas for interior design influencers. 

Homeowners may find inspiration for home decor in many ways, but YouTube is undoubtedly among the most available, often unnoticed platforms. Several interior design youtube channels YouTube offer tips and techniques to help you turn your room into something magnificent. 

Discover a few of the platform’s most common platforms to help you find motivation for your next upgrade.

1 House & homes House&Home

House and Home is a Canadian brand and magazine for interior decorating. Having the Canadian impact of the designer on all of the creations is quite impressive. Home tours are irresistible to watching as each one is special to each person. I always have to find a template that I do not love to show here!

Not shockingly,’s official YouTube channel is an excellent resource for DIY fans. From adorning Christmas trees to remodeling a room, the clips cover a wide variety of topics. The rich material has enabled and attracted more than 809k subscribers to their channel. They also have a huge fan base on Instagram, with over 400k followers on their personal handle. 

2 TheSorryGirlsThe Sorry Girls

Content makers with outstanding on-screen chemistry help lift a platform to show fans how to create unique outfits for Halloween which is pocket friendly. Kelsey and Becky are both nearly bubbling off the frame as The Sorry Ladies. With a unique 2.6 million users, they post their DIY inspirations that are very easy to understand. 

Two of the most critical series are trying to recreate luxury products on a budget to produce items from sales from the dollar store on their site.

That is how they got the supreme limelight, pursuing a set posting schedule of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Viewers can find a selection of content ranging from space makeovers to thrifting and anything in between. They also have a crazy insta fan following with over 200k followers worldwide. 

3 Jami Ray VintageJami Ray Vintage

If you are fascinated with reuse and recycling, Jami Ray Vintage will love you. There are various ideas on this platform to bring vintage and found pieces and offer it a new outlook on life. To figure out how to turn their garbage into treasure, over 160K subscribers are tuned daily on his channel. He also has over 30k followers on his Instagram handle because of the exceptional DIY tricks he shares on social media. 

Jami and her husband take antiques and find things that require a little support and convert them into beautiful home decor gems. They have a realistic and regular “upcycling” technique. Jami and Zeb love to swap long-learned tips and tricks.

Most of the types are farmhouses with a bit of French country. They almost always upload five videos a week, and they do live streaming twice a week. 

4 Kinwoven – Robeson DesignKinwoven - Robeson Design

As YouTube’s most-watched interior decorator, Rebecca Robeson has celebrated eight years of growth. There is a custom plan for all by Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Designs. She takes pride in designing each Home to fit her customer’s unique preferences, tastes, and expenditures. 

She showcases her architectural design projects for clients and her own house on her YouTube page. She is genuinely outstanding and has a fantastic talent that she honestly shares with her fans. She has over 1.2M subscribers on youtube with a whooping more than 100K followers on her instagram account. 

5 Three Birds RenovationsThree Birds Renovations

Personable presenters are part of a great brand on YouTube, and there are three prominent personalities at the core of Three Bird Transformations. These best friends are all mothers, including Australia’s Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor, and Erin Cayless, who founded an interior design channel on youtube called Three Birds Renovations. And share a sharp concept eye. 

You can discover room restoration on this channel, mostly in the residences of friends. They already have over 200k subscribers on youtube, followed by over 700k followers on their officially verified Instagram account.

6 Emily HendersonEmily Henderson

Perhaps one of our favorite artists is Emily Henderson, so, understandably, her YouTube channel joins this category! Her channel features “how- to’sto’s,” makeovers of rooms, and plenty of helpful ideas for home decor. Emily Henderson is a writer, stylist, and T.V. Host for any individual with a deep dedication to vintage-inspired relatable home design.

Emily Henderson is a storyteller who focuses on a range of experiences, challenges, insecurities, skills, budgets, and styles to include material. We publish the information we would like to discuss architecture, style, and life. Then concentrate on the creation of material that was beyond the imagination. She has over 45k subscribers on her youtube channel with more than 900k instagram followers. 

7 Apartment TherapyApartment Therapy

You require apartment therapy through all your architectural style desires if you want to visit futuristic homes, get some ideas for a new space concept, or learn how to make a cake. The platform has regular content and delivers supplementary material on other channels through social media, two excellent strategies to support creating a brand. 

Apartment Therapy’s platform shows on-trend creations of DIY interior decoration and home experiences of several super trendy apartments across the world. The apartment theory has over 300k subscribers on youtube, whereas, on their instagram, they have over 3M instagram followers. 

8 Mr. KateMr. Kate

A YouTube channel is much more than a medium to exchange details, and it is a way to connect with audiences by bringing them into your lifestyles. The team behind Mr. Kate is the artist and metalsmith Kate Albrecht and her partner, Joey Zehr.

Please find the best interior design channels on youtube and how-to tutorials on their page and makeovers of very well-well spaces for YouTubers. Plus, their videos of ”under $300 space makeover” are the perfect inspiration to redecorate on a budget. 

Other than being amusingly and brilliantly talented, there wasn’t much to tell about Mr. Kate! She builds rooms for killers and is a DIY queen. One of my favorites to experience is her “OMG We are Coming Over” sequence on her website since she adorns rooms for other famous YouTubers, and each has a particular theme of its own. You are going to be addicted.

Kate wishes to share her experience through existence and furniture decorating, and over 4.4 million subscribers and an instagram fanbase of over 900k followers have built a fanbase with her approachable manner.

9 Jenna SueJenna Sue

Jenna Sue utilizes her Youtube account as a vlog to record her real estate experiences, DIY, fashion education and entertainment. Her channel has over 50k subscribers on youtube and more than 200k on the instagram page. She even has a few travel videos for all people who think work done right merits a little break as a treat.

Recently, Jenna Sue turned over an old mountain cottage and filmed the whole procedure on YouTube. Her appearance is very distinctive and shows us a more feminine version of the design. She did all of the cottage crafts and produced videos that demonstrate how she finished most of them. 

If you’d like to explore more such interior designing and decorating tips, then reach out to us on The architecture design for inspirational tips and tricks.  

10 House of BohnHouse of Bohn

Karin Bohn is the creator and artistic director of the architecture studio of the award-winning House of Bohn. In 2009, she founded the interior design company and impacted many markets, including residential luxurious, multi-family, restaurants and retail.

Dedicated to improving her art, Karin specializes in honoring the project’s extraordinary spirit. Each room is built with purpose, and its distinct, diverse, adventurous, visually thrilling and timeless style is becoming the trademark stamp behind the function of House of Bohn.

Karin provides behind-the-scenes insight into her artistic process, strategic collaborations and life as an entrepreneur with her continually growing YouTube channel, demonstrating the kind of togetherness, openness and bond she considers precious with her audience. She has over 150k subscribers on her youtube channel with 50k instagram followers to guide her audience with explicit interior designing ideas. 


Never too small is an outstanding demonstration of a YouTube channel that can transform your outlook on tiny apartments and help you understand how to use the space available for each square meter.

Specific people’s stories illustrate how small urban houses can be converted into places that attract large cities. These best interior design youtube channels, collected from numerous parts of the world, demonstrate the whole process of how the outcome was reached and the life experiences of the trip. They have over 1.50M subscribers on youtube with 49k instagram followers. 

12 Living Big In A Tiny HouseLiving Big In A Tiny House

Another Youtube channel with stories of small houses is Living Large In A Tiny Home, constructed with every available room’s dedication. And this youtube channel reveals small, even tiny houses similar to the never-too-small channel featuring small homes. This youtube channel has over 3.80M subscribers with 440k instagram followers to guide people’s design of their small houses. 

Mostly, a small house means streamlining your life. Filled with unique small features, before sticking to the lifestyle, you will learn tales about people who live in those areas and all the pluses and minuses you may like to consider.

13 House BeautifulHouse Beautiful

Home Beautiful is Australia’s most successful home renovation brand, linking homes and hearts for over 90 years. House Beautiful is only here to help you find the Home that makes you feel good and build it. For inspirational videos of events, models, showrooms, and far more check back daily!

Home Beautiful is one of Australia’s best-loved, most known and commercially popular brands with beautiful authentic photography, gorgeous design tales and trademark inspiring how-tos. A new multi-platform entertainment and activities series was released in 2018 by Home Gorgeous.

They have over 60k subscribers on youtube, with 3M instagram followers, which guides them to make their houses beautiful. 

14 Good HousekeepingGood Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is a 135-year-old established landmark with a quest to make your life during the year more pleasant, more structured and overflowing with joy. They want to boost your kitchen performance with guidance from the GH professionals, spreading seasonal joy in every room of your Home and keeping you and your loved ones together.

 For the newest on how to organise your house, the best recipes and awesome DIY crafts ideas, check out the channel each week. This channel has over 250K subscribers with more than 90k instagram followers who love everything about home decor and furnishing.  


To propose videos you might enjoy viewing, and the Youtube algorithm is configured. It may be long, though, to adjust to your latest contemporary furniture, interior design and fascination with architecture. Therefore, to inspire you and provide useful tips and techniques, we are all here to give hope to Youtube interior design platforms’ imaginary world.

We are delighted to present our final list of the best interior decorating & architecture YouTube platforms that will expand your awareness and insight on the proportions of exceptional interiors.

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