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On February 2, 2021

Instagram provides an infinite stream of visual stimulation and fresh ideas. It is packed with the finest interior decorators to bring you in the process when it refers to some of the most famous home-decorating patterns.

With all of the other new furniture, lighting, colors, and design, it brings you updated. If you want to see several new and exciting stuff, then it is time to press the refresh button in your fav group with several latest followers.

You will keep a close eye on emerging innovations no matter where you have been, with the aid of these interior decorators located all across the globe. Each has its distinct style, but they all share one common factor: their designs are elegant, stunning, and deserving of being followed. These talented players are bound to freshen up your daily view, no matter your favorite style.

Look no farther than these 14 best interior decorators to track on Instagram if you are looking for some new interior design inspiration. With their finest works and crafts, they would certainly amaze you.

1. Sarah Sherman Samuel, @sarahshermansamuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel is a planner with multidisciplinary expertise. Sarah is renowned for mixing patterns seamlessly to create distinctive environments, prized merchandise, and artful images. Compared to warm woods and sudden flashes of primary colors, she uses more white and creamy shades. 

Because of her elegant, modern, and exclusive designs, this talented interior designer has over 330k followers on Instagram. Her latest projects are for some of the best clients, including architectural digest, dwell, followed by a domino and new york magazine. 

She offers distant services like Interior Design, Art & Surface Design, Product Design & Development, Creative Direction, E-design, Custom Content Creation, and Social Media Initiatives. 

2.Grant K. Gibson, @grantkgibson


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In his projects and believing in classic architecture, interior designer and author Grant K. Gibson are conventional. That being said, even though he draws his ideas from tradition to build traditional, elegant, and practical spaces, he follows a “unique perspective.”

You are likely to find exquisite molding, angled armchairs, and historical architecture with a flash of contemporary touch with clear color contrasts and clean highlights in this wonderfully assembled account. He has over 100 insta followers in his bag and is one of the top interior influences out there. 

You are likely to see lots of photographs of his dog, too. Since you’re not a lover of architects, but a dog lover, then you may also join his page. In other words, that’s one of the Instagram pages out there with the most animal-friendly interior decor.

3. Justina Blakeney, @justinablakeney


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A post shared by Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney)

Justina Blakeney is a designer, entrepreneur, and best-selling New York Times writer. Her Instagram reflects so much on her lifestyle and crafts, while her website, Jungalow, acts as a one-stop-shop for anything from clothing to home furnishings. This page is a hidden treasure of vibrant colors, cheerful textiles, positivity for the body, and spaces influenced by the jungle.

Justina’s wildly famous collections include interior design, furniture, stationery, textiles, travel, baby, and accessories, showcasing her hand-painted artwork. Justina agrees that good architecture enhances the quality of living and that the secret to creating a fantastic home is innovation.

4.Studio McGee, @studiomcgee


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A post shared by Studio McGee (@studiomcgee)

This husband and wife production team has over 2 million followers on instagram. In 2014, the pair opened their Studio McGee, an interior design company, and their practice has now grown much in success.

Their Instagram is composed of simplicity, minimalist décor, and some of the most impressive kitchens you have ever seen, with neutral colors like white, black, navy, and brown accompanying them. So if you’re a fan of these colors, then you can follow them.

Whatever look you are looking for, you will get a massive dose of house envy and inspiration from the Shea McGee interiors. In their luxurious lake home, you would be smitten for everything from the sustainable textures to the vases of foraged plant parts. They also have their show, named dream home makeover, streaming only on Netflix. 

5. Elisabeth Heier, @elisabeth_heier


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Elisabeth Heier. the photographer, stylist, and multimedia storyteller. Clean lines, clutter-free racks, Scandinavian furniture, and white linen make up her Instagram. She still likes to experiment with light in her images, which offers her creations a unique perspective, even though the shot features. On her Instagram site, she has much more than 100k followers. She often relies on shades that are pleasant and subtle.

6.Emily Henderson, @em_henderson


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A post shared by Emily Henderson (@em_henderson)

With over 900k Insta family, if you enjoy a healthy mix of vintage and contemporary, Emily Henderson has been one of the best interior decorators to watch. She started this blog decade ago since she loves sharing her thoughts on style and design with everyone who listens. 

Emily is the new york times best selling author, stylist, and HGTV host who runs her show and owner of She has “a strong commitment to accessible designs inspired by antique. You will find mid-century details combined with brilliant white walls and warm woods on her Instagram.

From year-long house renovations to one-room construction designs, Emily and her team handle various projects no matter big and small.

7.Kelly Wearstler, @kellywearstler


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Kelly Wearstler is not a typical interior decorator and architect in respect of fashion. She produces spaces and products for both residential and industrial sites, but her projects are still fun, exclusive, and multi-layered.

There are 1.4 million followers on Wearstler’s Instagram, and she continually experiments with color, shape, and design to produce the same kind of spaces that you would not find somewhere else. 

She includes patterns, geometric compositions, and illustrations of herself in addition to staged spaces, so it is a well-rounded source of motivation for any form of artist.

Santa Monica Proper Hotels, Austin Proper Hotel, San Francisco Proper Hotel, Four Seasons Anguilla, BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman, the Viceroy Hotels and Apartments, Westfield Century City, Tides Miami, and customized dwellings for elevated international investors are some of Wearstler’s most prominent designs.

8.Ryan Korban, @ryankorban


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Ryan Korban is a famous writer and interior decorator based in New York. His style is better characterized as sleek, glamorous, and elegant. It is the Instagram account for you if you love glamorous pillars, huge walk-in closets, marble buildings, and historical architectures. If a bouquet of roses or a whole room, he tries to emphasize with fluorescent pink.

He has more than 150k followers on his Instagram handle. Gazing at his instagram, he seems to be the admirer of white and only white. 

9.Dabito, @dabito


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A post shared by DABITO (@dabito)

Dabito is Old Brand New’s creator and artistic director, who focuses on photography, architecture, and advertising. He treats his creations from a crafty perspective, but he is better known for his bright, unconventional color schemes, which are influenced frequently by his adventuring excursions.

 He has Instagram followers of over 220k, and on his handle, you will find comfortable rooms, fascinating light fittings, and a nature-driven style on this Instagram. You can find lots of vibrant colors to cheer up your insta feed, too.

Dabito already has his work published in the New York Times, Architectural Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Dwell, Elle Décor, and House Beautiful. He is best known for his innovative use of a cohesive color combination of contemporary and antique pieces and his dedication to architecture.

10.Bespoke Binny Home & Lifestyle, @bespokebinny

Bespoke Binny is another company and Natalie Manima’s brainchild, which uses vivid colors and fascinating shapes, but this one concentrates mostly on textiles. If you enjoy eye-catching pillowcases, lampshades, table linens, skirts, and aprons, visit her Instagram.

Her Instagram account is full of asymmetrical designs with over 50k followers. You can visualize unique and classic patterns on her Insta handle. If you are a fan of such antique or asymmetrical design, then you should follow this account. 

11.Jonathan Adler, @jonathanadler


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A post shared by Jonathan Adler (@jonathanadler)

Geometric effects are a significant thing just now, but, like Jonathan Adler, few developers make use of them. If it is a curved side table, a pair of eye-catching curtains, a remarkable light fixture, or a complete wall, with the use of geometric designs, Adler frequently tips his hat into mid-century modernist buildings.

For one more thing, his Instagram is impressive, too: the art objects. Until Barneys scooped up his line in 1993, Adler started his career as a potter, and now he makes anything from furniture to light fittings. Still, the imaginative flair is at the root of the style of the company. In almost every photo, you can discover different vases, table accessories, and sculptures.

Feed from interior designer Jonathan Adler is an entertaining dreamland of bright colors and persuasive designs that should sound familiar if you have spent time in one of his quirky shops. A little spending time here will enable you without losing your own individuality along the way with inspiring ways to style and redesign your house.

12.Decus Interiors, @decus_interiors


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Decus Interiors is based in Sydney, Australia. It’s a group that focuses on la dolce vita, craft, fashion, visuals, and construction, to model homes that motivate, cultivate and change the status. 

Their program focused on minimalist yet elegant designs, and their articles take some inspiration from the themes of Scandinavian fashion and mid-century. This Instagram frequently uses natural textures such as wood, fur, and stone, all of which combine seamlessly to create a tidy yet welcoming space.

He relies mostly on the original material, which is exceptional and unpredictable. In all its embodiments, Decus Interiors honors exquisite architecture.

13.Mark D. Sikes, @markdsikes


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Mark D. Sikes is an interior decorator and the writer of the best-seller in the New York Times, named “Beautiful, a look at “all-American home decor and classic style.” Sikes is the most conventional designer in this category with his selection of charming designs, busy tiles, ornate furniture, and sleek armchairs. Still, his plans deliver a perfect mix of sophistication and comfort, interior designing. 

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He has over ten years of experience as an interior designer, with more than 200k instagram followers who idealize his work. He has incorporated his unique look into residences from Nashville to Napa. However, he is currently working on designs and endless product lines in Palm Beach, Little Rock, Dallas, and others. His new debuts include Chaddock Home décor, lighting in Hudson Valley and Troy, and Schumacher fabrics,

14.Jessica Helgerson, @jhinteriordesign


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JHID, led by Jessica Helgerson, is a home interior designing firm based out of Portland, Oregon. Helgerson is exceptionally talented with over 25 years of professional industry experience, but her open, realistic style sets her apart from the other models. 

She stresses the value of green architecture and conservation in all her designs due to her experience as a green building activist. She has over 120k followers on her Instagram handle. 

This Instagram is not only focused on spaces ready for showrooms. Cozy nooks, practical laundries, and extensive gardens are included. Instead of something you might be scared to destroy, every photo looks like the kind of home you might live in.


The Architectural Designs have stated the instagram accounts of the 14 best interior designers. All the 14 designers have their unique styles and patterns. They carry their own opinion, legacy, and likings and present their visualization to us, which you can follow accordingly, based on your preferences. But all these insta handles are full of inspiration and new ideas on interior designing. 

For the simplicity-loving sleek, there are classy, pared-back models, comfy, pleasant areas for fanatics, and boho-chic design elements that will encourage you to strike the closest plant nursery. The idea is, there are ornamental posts all over Instagram regardless of your artistic leanings, and we have pulled the very best in the world so that you can look for inspiration and keep implementing it.

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