Top Architecture Instagram Accounts That You Can Follow in 2024
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On January 11, 2021


We have listed some of the best architect accounts that you can follow on Instagram for inspiration, imagination, drawings, or just plain artistic enjoyment. After looking with some of the most popular Instagram pages for architects, you can draw some inspiration and learn from the best architects in the whole world.



The best architectural projects are part of a worldwide series. This account offers the ultimate inspiration for architectural ideas, interior décor, home renovation, numerous business ventures, and much more. In short, this account is power loaded with architecture and structural design with all the appropriate and needed details.



Other than regular applications, nothing says group building! Although this feed is sure to send you some powerful and unique inspiration from thousands of drawings contributed by architects from around the world, try submitting your work and exhibiting it.



Every architecture system has a tale, and the purpose of the Architecture Hunter is to connect as many with the whole world. The stream features an unlimited number of interface jewels, founded in 2013, and now has more than 2 million followers. If you are just as excited about displaying your love for architecture, then that’s the perfect platform.



People have been talking, and Bob Borson’s material is still loved! The Borson feed gives insight into an architect’s imagination and day-to-day practice. He brings a face to the discipline by posting his drawing lessons and other useful tips and making it more approachable and open for aspiring architects.



Yeah, you saw many cool-looking dwellings and infrastructure projects before, but if you’ve seen them labelled with ground conditions that are formatted? On this thrilling blog, architectural planner Christine Williamson introduces her interest in teaching structural science and architecture to life, ideal for those who are still willing to learn so much in a creative manner.



Dayton architecture is all about ancient designs and historic structures. Their Instagram handles will offer you kind of antique vibes. If you are a kind of person who is keen on such networks, you should check their account for creative yet historical designs. 



The Lone Star State is known for its live entertainment, its mild climates and BBQ, and modern architecture? This initiative highlights striking mid-century buildings in Texas with design and architecture enthusiasts’ aid, reinforcing vivid colours and wild forms. They have monthly templates for fan entries to make it funny.



Olson Kundig is a worldwide collective activity in layout whose work extends the History with designed and natural environments. The landscape architecture studio delivers in-house design facilities devoted to combining design and the surrounding structures artistically. Their Instagram handles are strongly related to nature, and then you have to find out whether you are still searching for the same sort of ideas.



Much of the initiatives of the designers of the Pitsou Kedem are distinguished by a distinction, with the primary connection to light and motion, between transparent and clean volumes. They primarily work on projects such as residential construction, interior design and restoration. With over 2800 posts focused on complex architectural frameworks and styles, they have around 1.20 lakh followers on Instagram.



Are you a practitioner of architecture? If so, for you, this might be one of the best accounts to follow on Instagram. This collective feed highlights student design concepts for nationwide architecture. Free extra points: they also send enjoyable questionnaires and podcasts on their illustrated articles, as well as post-work openings. It would also be beneficial for students of architecture in seeking new designs and sometimes even jobs from all around the world.

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