How Does Plasma Air Purifier Work?
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On March 10, 2021

There was a time when we didn’t even bother about the air we breathe or the quality. But today’s world is forcing us to think about what we are inhaling and controlling the air quality with different devices. It is impossible to work with the environmental air quality, but we can ensure healthy and clean indoor air for us. Among all the innovations, a plasma Winix air purifier is the recommended and trusted one.
So how does plasma air purifier work?

The air purifiers are installed in the HVAC system with small ionization filters. So eliminating pollen, smoke, and dust from the air gets easy and the indoor air gets breathable.

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Plasma Air Purifier


Do you have any idea about how much environmental contaminants are there in the air we breathe? Well, you will find these pollutants in our indoor air:

  •           Bad odors
  •           Fungus
  •           Allergen
  •           Bacteria
  •           Viruses
  •           Mold
  •           Volatile organic compounds

Yes, we are letting these unwanted and harmful elements enter in our system. Over time our system develops asthma, severe allergy and cough. So it is high time to use a good air purifier in our home and office.

You may find the promise of the air purifier according to airpurifiergeek alluring one but the air purifiers do really work to eliminate these pollutants from the air and reduce the chance of having health problems.

How do air purifiers work?

In the plasma air purifiers, you will find different filters made from paper, fiber with a fan that helps draw the polluted air and circulate. The filters will capture the pollutants and exhale out the clean air in the space.

When the air flows over the ionization pipes, the ions get formed by the air cleaner. You will find the tubes mounted in the duct or in the unit. So the ions work in three ways to clean the air:

Reducing the harmful particles

Plasma Air Purifier


The ions bond with the air toxin and make the particle large enough to get captured in the filters. Thus the particles get reduced from the air.

Sterilize mold and bacteria

Bacteria and mold get multiplied and spread to pollute the air. When the microorganisms interact with the ions, oxidation starts and they get destroyed.

Eliminates the odors

A plasma air purifier is best for eliminating all types of odors like cooking, cleaning products from the air. The ion captures, tarnish and lastly eliminates them.

Traps allergens

Dust causes allergies especially dust mites, pet dander and pollen. With the air purifier these allergens will get trapped in the filter and vanish forever.

Removes smoke

Plasma Air Purifier


Sometimes you need to burn wood or your friends smoke. Smoke is not suitable for health. You can remove the smoke easily with an air purifier. It is advised not to use smoke in the home.

There are different air cleaners in the market, and users get confused about the difference between plasma air purifiers. The thing is, the air purifier comes with simple maintenance, doesn’t often require filter replacement and requires regular observing.

Changing filters depends on the usage of the air cleaner. You can go for the washable and reusable filters but they need heavy maintenance. You can also get UV filters as they are powerful in dealing with bacteria and mold. But it is too expensive and does not work on all bacteria as they are UV-resistant.

Tips to improve the air quality:

Plasma Air Purifier


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A proper ventilated home is advisable nowadays to get clean air. You can also follow some other ways to improve the air in your home or office even if you have a purifier. Here are some steps you can follow to breathe healthily in your living or working space.

When your air purifier is taking rest, keep your windows open. If possible, try to create a cross draft by opening the opposite windows also.

Pick a HEPA-certified vacuum with a sealed bag. Try to vacuum often because it helps to trap the dust.

You can maintain the HVAC kit and enhance the effectiveness by changing the air filters regularly.

Install an exhaust fan in the kitchen. Start the fan before you start your cooking and let it run for 5 minutes after finishing your cooking.

Avoid using candles, smoking and burning woods in the home. This will improve the air quality more than before.

Don’t use the air purifier that produces ozone because it is harmful to the human lungs.

To stop the mold growth use a humidifier or dehumidifier in the house. These will help to maintain the moisture level in your place.

Do I need an air purifier?

Plasma Air Purifier


Before investing in an air purifier, you have to know that the air purifier cannot eliminate 100% air pollutants. Because the purifier works with indoor air but it is hard to work with the environment. Medical reports also have less evidence that the purifiers work to improve respiratory and allergen problems. But the air purifier with a HEPA filter works better to remove the air pollutants. So it is better to invest in the purifier that comes with a HEPA filter to avoid allergy problems.


As the world is growing with a population, so does the environment get polluted day by day. People are getting concerned about getting clean air to breathe. Thanks to technology as it is innovating life-saving technologies. Among them, the air purifier is a lifesaver. If you are new to an air purifier, then make sure to know about how plasma air purifiers work. Because it requires proper knowledge to maintain and use. So pick one and have clean air to breathe to stay healthy for a long time.

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