6 Tips For Improving Your Home's Air Quality
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On October 15, 2020

When you have a stuffy apartment or the air in your house feels stifling, it can be necessary to bring the fresh air into your rooms and to make more aeration throughout your home. While cleaning isn’t the favorite chore of many people, it is often a requirement if you want a clean home and one that is healthy. 

It not only helps your health but also makes your home more comfortable, not to mention presentable. Therefore, what are some of the best ways to let that freshness and breeze into your place? Let me show you how air quality can be better in your home. 

Vacuum your carpeting

improve home air quality

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One of the best and easiest ways to improve your home air quality is to vacuum your carpets.  While it is a normal chore for every home that has carpeting, do you really think about how often you do this household task? It can be common to do it fortnightly but it can be necessary to do weekly, particularly if you have more people in your household, pets or people have allergies to dust or pet dander. 

A stick vacuum cleaner makes this a light and easy job, as you can easily move from room to room and reach those hard-to-clean nooks & crannies.

Clean out your air ducts

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If you have ducted heating and cooling in your home, make sure to clean out your ducts and filters regularly. Your heating/cooling system can easily clog with dust particles over time, making the air stale and stifling.

Therefore, by cleaning them out every few years, you lower the amount of air pollution and make the air current flow more easily through the house. It will also help to lower your power use, as you will be able to keep your system to a stable temperature. 

Be sure to check for harm

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While we often think about stifling heat and stuffy cold, be aware of the potentially harmful and dangerous toxins that can come with it. Particularly when it comes to winter, if you have a gas furnace or heating, make sure you get it checked over, and efficiently, by a professional gas fitter at least every one to two years.  

This makes sure that the air filters don’t clog and are clean so the heat is properly distributed. Moreover, it is especially wise to have it checked that there is no risk of carbon gas leakage that could lead to poisoning.

Allow the breeze to flow

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Another good way to improve the air and reduce the pollutants within it inside your home is to allow natural ventilation to flow throughout the rooms of the house. Provided it is a reasonable looking day, open the windows in each room to grant the breeze to distribute throughout the house. 

Do take care with cold air in winter, as such can cause for mold and damp mildew to become a potential problem.

Avoid compiling clutter

improve home air quality

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One of the things that many don’t think about is how much clutter can pollute and affect the air quality in our homes. This is why a tidy home is often a much healthier home.

As Dr Sumita Khatri explains: “Minimizing clutter is a great way to improve air quality because it allows you to see dust and other contaminants that may be invisible.”

Groom your pets regularly

When you groom and brush your pets, you not only help strengthen the bond between you and your pet and keep them in good health, but you also limit pet dander around your home which lowers potential allergens from spreading. 


Therefore, there are my six tips for how you can improve the air in your home and breathe much easier. All the best dear readers.

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