Fall Lawn Prep: What Do You Put on Your Lawn in the Fall?
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On October 15, 2020

Did you know that leaving leaves on your lawn when you are heading into the winter months can promote snow mold disease? You might think that fall is not a great time to think about your lawn or care for it because your grass will be dormant for the winter but, the truth is that fall lawn prep is critical.

Keep reading for a few lawn maintenance tips you want to follow this fall.

1. Do Not Stop Mowing

Fall Lawn Prep

source: blog.stihlusa.com

Just because the leaves are falling does not mean you have to stop mowing. Your grass will continue to grow until it frosts over in the wintertime. Until then you want to continue cutting your grass at its normal height.

If you do not have time to mow or prefer to have a reputable professional such as Pacific Lawn Maintenance this can save you time and headaches.

2. The Rake Is Your Friend

Fall Lawn Prep

source: blog.gardenmediagroup.com

You might be tempted to let the leaves stay on your grass when they fall but you want to rake them off often. Every time you let leaves sit on the lawn it blocks the sunlight on those areas and it can kill those spots. Letting the leaves sit on your grass can also lead to lawn fungi because of the soggy moisture that they hold.

A rake will also help remove thatch that builds up on of your grass.

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3. Keep Watering

Fall Lawn Prep

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Something else that you want to do is keep watering your lawn even as the temperatures begin to drop. Even though there is a bit more rain and dew, it is not enough to keep the roots of the grass hydrated enough as you go into winter.

Your lawn needs to have at least an inch of water per week to ensure that it is hydrated enough.

4. Spread Some Seeds

Fall Lawn Prep

source: jollylane.com

During the summer some areas of your lawn might have died because of the sun, so now is a great time to add more seeds to help fill in any burned or bare spots. Make sure that the seeds that you drop, touch the soil, or else they will not germinate and it will be a waste of seeds.

You also have to keep those new seeds moist until there germinate. Do not wait too long to plant those seeds because they have to be well established before it gets too cold outside, in order to survive the winter.

Ready for Some Fall Lawn Prep?

Fall Lawn Prep

source: hgtv.com

Now that you have our tips when it comes to fall lawn prep you can apply everything you learned above to ensure that when spring comes back around your lawn is in tip-top shape. Remember do not stop taking care of your lawn until that first winter frost comes around.

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