Best Suitable Low Light Indoor Plants for Darker Corners
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On June 17, 2019

In many smaller apartments, the amount of natural light is very low. The window in the apartment is large and airy. If there is space left in the basement grow a green plant. If you want to add life into your basement.


low light indoor plants for darker corners 1

Low light means no direct sunlight reach on your plant. Either sunlight away from the plant or plant is kept under the window. The plant is also be placed in the room where there is artificial light is present. Low light means plants need less energy or less amount of food.

Darkness is important for the bigger plants because bigger plants need sunlight at day time and darkness at night for their growing. But there are some plants which don’t need sunlight for growing. And these plants are called low light indoor plants.

If you like the indoor plants then you can choose from these .we have discussed some indoor plants which kept in darkness. Here some Indoor plants for low light are explained properly

Indoor Plants for Low Light

Rattlesnake Plant

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Rattlesnake Plant


A plant was chosen for its highly decorative and unusual leaf shape and pattern. This plant is found in Brazil. In any house, its topside shiny leaves look beautiful and contrast with purple wall. Always notice that this plant needs a humid environment for surviving.

Sunlight should be:- Keep your plant in shadowy support with the light of indirect sunlight because too much sunshine will burn it and make its leaf brown.

Chinese Money Plant

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Chinese Money Plant


This plant can be easily identified due to its flat leaves. Its flat leaves make the center of attraction in your house and its length is just 12 inches. It will chase the sun so you have to take care that it can get as much light as possible. This beautiful plant is kept in the shade.

Sunlight should be:-  These plants grow well on the edge of the window in winter. Do not put this plant directly in front of the sun, because sunlight can spoil its leaves.

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Asparagus Fern

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Asparagus Fern


Asparagus fern is found in pots or hanging baskets. This plant does not need a humid environment and to spread the branches, this plant should be given whole space to show its potential.

Sunlight should be: – this plant is made for low light and bright conditions, this plant has to keep away from direct sunlight, because of light cause yellow leaf and spoil them.


low light indoor plants for darker corners - Fittonia


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This plant is well favored for following houseplants. Living this plant in normal house conditions is not easy because this plant likes moisture all the time. That’s why this plant is kept in a bottle garden or at the best place.

Sunlight should be:-this plant is found in forests of Peru. This plant is found under the shades of other plants. This plant is kept in low light. This plant is protected from direct sunlight and in the shade of another plant because light can bleach its bright pink veins.

Creeping Fig

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Creeping Fig


This plant is not the first which came in our mind when we thinking about focus. This plant is also named as climbing fig it is grown outside the house as a climbing vine.

Sunlight should be:-this plant needs humid soil and shade. This plant can burn from full sunlight and on hot walls or its leaf gets yellow.

Bear’s Paw Fern

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Bear’s Paw Fern


This plant is found in the rainforest of South America .with blue leaves that are like delicate paper. This is a very attractive and unusual plant that we can keep inside our house.

Sunlight should be:-this plant is favored low light as all the ferns. It should be avoided by direct light.

Elephant’s Ear

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Elephant’s Ear


This plant is found in the Philippines. These plants are found very much for some years. This plant is a welcome addition for any home. This plant is most popular for its erect stems, dark green glossy leaves and striking pale veins.

Sunlight should be:-this plant is protected from the sunlight in summer because its leaves can burn. That’s why this plant is kept in shaded support, it is kept in the sunshine for a few hours only in winters because at that time light is low.

Peace Lily

low light indoor plants for darker corners - Peace Lily


The popular peace lily is favored because of its delicate behavior and this white flower is found in the seasons of spring but if you are lucky so it also found in autumn. this keeps us with the best plants to purify the air and if you have a choice, you can also consider it in the living room or for bedroom.

Sunlight should be:-peace lily is grown in indirect sunlight and would appreciate any faster to keep out. This plant enjoys kept in warm especially in winter so kept away from the cool place and with less sunlight, this becomes an even more green leafy plant.

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