How to Remove Garden Hose from Pressure Washer
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On May 29, 2020

 Whether you water your garden or wash your car, we always recommend using the world’s smallest pressure washer. A small pressure washer, however, cannot be helpful if you have to wash a large area on a regular basis.

In that case, you must use one of the biggest pressure washers. And a big pressure washer requires you to connect a garden hose at the time of washing the surroundings.

Though connecting a garden hose to a pressure washer is an easy job, it may make the excretion of your sweat when you try to remove the hose from the pressure washer. Let’s learn the most effective ways to do the job if you don’t want to face such hassles.


Necessary Things to Remove the Garden Hose from Your Pressure Washer

Before you get started, make sure the following things are ready to be used. Otherwise, you may undergo some trouble.

  • A pair of gloves
  • A comfortable stool
  • A perfect wrench
  • A small bowl
  • A jar of hot water/lubricants
  • A hacksaw
  • A piece of cloth

Steps to Follow While Trying to Remove the Garden Hose Easily and Effectively

You are highly recommended to follow the steps discussed below. We have tried our best to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to remove the garden hose without facing any troubles.

Turn off the Pressure Washer 

remove garden hose


Never start doing your job leaving the pressure washer turned on. If you do so, you may discover yourself in a hospital bed. If you don’t want to have such a bitter experience, put on a pair of gloves and turn off the pressure washer. You should also unplug the washer for maximum safety.

Release All the Pressure from the Washer 

Now take your stool and sit down on it. And make sure you have released all the pressure from the pressure washer. If you continue doing your job without releasing the pressure, you will likely end up drenching your face with the remaining water.

Push the Connect Fittings Towards the Pump 

remove garden hose


Connect fittings are typically made of brass, stainless steel, or plastic. No matter what kind of connect fittings your pressure washer has, grab the fittings and push them towards the pump. However, if you find it difficult to identify the connect fittings, look at the knurled section of the hose.

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Loosen the Plugs As Well As the Sockets 

Loosen both female and male plugs along with the sockets. This will help you disconnect the hose easily. However, you need a wrench to perform the job. Once you start rotating the wrench, both the plugs and the sockets will come out of the joints. After taking them off, put them into the small bowl you have arranged.

Use Liquids If the Hose Is Tightly Stuck 

remove garden hose


If you are unable to take off the hose with your wrench, you have to use either lubricants or hot water. Liquids will help you loosen the connectors without causing you much trouble.

Cut the Hose If You Are Still Unable to Remove It 

If all the steps suggested above fail, then you cannot but cut the hose. In this case, you must make sure that you have a new piece of hose, which is ready to be used. If there is no spare hose, you will likely waste a day.

Use a Piece of Cloth before Installing a New Hose 

In case you require a new hose, you must clean the joint properly. Otherwise, you may experience water leaks in the future. Cleaning the joint, however, is not a tough job. Just take a piece of cloth and rub it over the target spot. Once the joint is completely clean, you are ready to install the new hose.

What You Should Do to Avoid Having a Stuck Garden Hose

remove garden hose


Removing a stuck garden hose from a pressure washer is really troublesome job. Nobody wants to have such a bitter experience while working with a pressure washer. Well, if you want to avoid such an experience, you must follow the tips given below.

  • Release all the pressure from the washer after using it.
  • Dry the hose before you keep it for the next use.
  • Never leave your hose unused for a long time.
  • Try to connect and disconnect the hose occasionally.


Well done! You have successfully learned how to remove the garden hose from a pressure washer. We recommend you follow all the measures we have suggested above. We have suggested the measures from our first-hand experience, so they will certainly work for you. All the tips given in that section are meant for keeping your garden hose active. Therefore, if you follow the tips, you are far away from having a stuck garden hose.

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