What to Know Before Air Conditioning Installation Buffalo NY?
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On August 19, 2020

Summer is one of the best times of the year, where people head out and do all their long-awaited activities. People love spending time outdoor but once they come inside their house, they expect it to be cool and comfortable. It is the time, where people rush to grab the best AC deals to spend their hot days cool and cozy.

For many residents of NY, a window air conditioning unit is the preferred choice. It is mostly because of their building structures making it convenient and suitable. Window AC units cannot be simply installed for there are many steps to be followed. Therefore, to help the owners, Smart Home Heating and Cooling, the best AC service provider in NY provides you with the To-do lists.

Downside or Upper Installation?

Air Conditioning Installation

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This is one of the prime questions in the window ac installation Buffalo NY. The downside AC installation blocks the view and also the light, making it difficult for the inmates. Therefore, most people prefer to install it on the window top, so that they get a clear picture and view of the outdoor world. At times, the window top installation also becomes quite difficult for the windows usually have some kind of shade or blinds making it more complicated. In this case, they are left with no choice but to install it on the downside.

The downside installation is quite easy because it requires just a simple T-Bracket. It is attached with three screws and the installation is work is completed. In the case of upper window installation, it requires a bracket along with the sides and also a unit stranding under the window.

Very few residents of NY have opted for the upper window AC installation because the very first reason is a difficult installation. Secondly, the unit cannot be removed for the winter storage as it is done by most of the residents.

Rules and Regulations

Air Conditioning Installation

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New York is a place that has rules and regulations for pretty much everything. And this is applicable for the air conditioner installation too. Although the rules are not mentioned specifically, it sure falls under the Local Law 11. It deals with exterior appurtenances and walls. The rules demand unsafe conditions notifications, inspection, an examination report submitted by an engineer or architect in the unsafe event conditions, and necessary repairs completions.

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In a simpler term, this means any residents who install window air conditioning installation Buffalo NY must follow a set of rules and regulations. It states that all units must be secured and supported with metal brackets. It must also be structurally fastened and must be strong enough to uphold the weight and size of the AC unit.

Air Conditioning Installation

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The guidelines also clearly suggest that no loose objects like the bricks, wood blockings, gypsums boards, telephone books, or any type of cans must be used for supporting the AC unit level. Apart from this, there must be nothing placed or attached on top of the air conditioner unit like the satellite dishes, TV antennae, or plants. It must be safe and must not block any way for the emergency exits.

Besides the city guidelines, many condo complexes, apartments, or neighborhood associations have few rules for AC installation. So, just to be on a safer side, it is better to check for any specific or guidelines that need to be followed for the installation purpose.

Access Your Window First

Air Conditioning Installation

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Before you proceed to buy a window air conditioner, first inspect your window. Not every window is modeled for air conditioners. They are designed in varied types and models, making it difficult for installation purposes. Also, you will need an electrical outlet that has a three-prong plug close to your window. If not, get it fixed and never use an extension cord for safety reasons. Besides the fire hazard, it voids the warranty too.

The final step for window AC installation is to fix it in a partially shaded or shaded window. It is because intense and direct sunlight lowers the efficiency of the air conditioner as much by 10%. Make sure it has enough space for unimpeded airflow. So choose a place that has a good free space of shrubs, trees, walls, or any kind of obstructions.

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