Some Important Facts About Air Duct Cleaning Jacksonville Fl
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On August 19, 2020

At times, ductwork becomes the pathway and source for dust, dirt, and biological pollutants to spread all over your home. Air duct cleaning Jacksonville FL involves removal of slime, debris, mold, dirt, and other materials that exist in ductwork and associated HVAC components like drain pan, cooling coil, etc.

When you should perform duct cleaning Jacksonville, FL?Air Duct Cleaning 1


HVAC equipment manufacturers and suppliers offer instructions on how and when cleaning should be accomplished. In most cases, the cleaning schedule depends upon the climate, filtration utilized, equipment functioning schedules, home occupant expectations, cost, and air contaminants.

When the older system is being updated or a new system is installed, the suppliers offer instructions and how the components should be replaced or cleaned when they get contaminated. If you have not installed the new equipment, you have to keep it sealed until you open and install it. When it comes to updating old equipment or adding a new unit, you should also start with duct cleaning.

At times, the new ductwork may contain dirt, construction debris, tools and oil and also drink cups, lunch bags, etc. So, it is essential to clean the ductwork before giving a connection with the air handling unit.

If you have old ductwork, you should know that it gets contaminated with dead bugs, dead rodents, slime, mold, debris, dead bugs, dirt, dust, and other components. It does not mean that due to these materials that the indoor air quality gets affected or complaints occur. The majority of the ducts have moderate amounts of dust accumulated in the surfaces. It is a common issue that remarks for duct cleaning Jacksonville FL. 

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It is necessary to conduct air duct cleaning or duct replacement when:

  • There is slime development
  • There is enduring water damage
  • Offensive odors begin in the HVAC system or ductwork
  • Dust is mostly seen emitting from the air supply registers
  • Some fragments restrict airflow

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How to find out that the ductwork requires complete cleaning?

Duct cleaning is a complicated and competitive business. Surely, you would have seen their advertisements. Do not get attracted to their claims.

Before hiring an air duct cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL, you should ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do the engineers carry the right type of equipment?
  • Does the company provide a sound and sensible approach?
  • Have you spoken to the company’s references?
  • Have you found a reputable and qualified duct cleaning company?
  • Is duct cleaning right for your house? Is it the only cost-effective solution?
  • Will the planned duct cleaning remove the contaminants effectively?
  • Is it possible to control the source?
  • Do you have any idea about the contaminant’s sources?
  • Can the odors or byproducts enter the occupied area and leave the duct?
  • Has observation or testing confirmed the contaminant’s quantity and type?
  • Are there known or observable contaminants in your ductwork?
  • Will the cleaning procedure safeguard your HVAC equipment?
  • Is it safe to be inside the house while cleaning?

At present, guidelines and official standards are not present to identify the right time for duct cleaning. Common ground rules and sense offered help in determining when cleaning is needed.

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What kinds of services duct cleaning companies offer in Jacksonville FL?

The professionals aim to minimize microbiological growths, debris, and dust by:

  • Finding air consumptions in non-contaminated areas
  •  Regular HVAC and ductwork maintenance
  • Utilizing filters that are rated MERV 6 or superior to this
  • Well preserved filter systems
  • Keeping entire HVAC components dry and clean
  • Offering good cleaning in the space occupied


Some duct cleaning firm requests to use biocides, disinfectants, encapsulants, sealants, and chemicals while cleaning the ductwork. It is not recommended to use such harmful items for your air ducts. It is almost like introducing the sources of dirt and debris into the system. If they are suggesting new additives, it means they are trying to make extra money.

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The duct cleaning procedure involves contaminants removals through vibration and brushing along with extreme negative pressure. If you are hiring experts like Envirovac– air duct cleaning contractor, you should see whether they are following the right procedures.

Envirovac – popular air duct cleaning contractor in Jacksonville FL offers a wide range of services. Each of their services can be customized as per the client’s needs. For more details, visit the website.


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