Tips to restore the outdoor area of your commercial property!
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On August 19, 2020

No matter, you have a commercial property or residential property, it is important to have an attractive and appealing outdoor space. The outdoor area’s look and ambiance are very important mainly in commercial properties. The lawn’s look and appearance create an impression about your business for people who are passing by. For example, if your lawn is well maintained, it is common for any person to attractive to visit and check what your business offers. It gives them a feeling that you have a well maintained and good outdoor space, so you will be quality services or products.

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Commercial properties with large landscapes or gardens should be taken regular care. It is not possible to hire employees and do on their own. It is recommended to outsource to a professional contractor who provides exceptional commercial grounds maintenance services. If your lawn is experiencing some problems or if you are finding it hard to keep it green, there is no need to worry. The experts follow certain techniques and plans that will restore the lawn to its glory. McCoy Landscape – the leading landscape contractor has shared ways how to enhance the outdoor area of the commercial property.

Determine the soil’s pH level: When you check the soil pH level, you can easily find out whether the turf grass and plants flourish or not. Certain plants mainly flowers can easily grow in acidic soil. But if you have turf grass throughout the yard, it is important to ensure that the soil is not acidic. Remember, turf soil does not function in acidic soil. Some call it a hot soil.

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If you want to have turf grass in the outdoor space, you should check the pH level. It should be from 6.5 to 7.o range. This range is said to be an alkaline level. It is best for developing turf grass. It is not possible to change the soil’s pH level and it cannot be performed overnight. It is not an instant procedure. The soil takes sufficient time to adjust or change its pH level. When the pH level becomes more alkaline or when the level shoots up, the roots would easily absorb sufficient nutrients. Due to this, the turf grass’s roots get stronger and start to gather more nutrients.

It is also possible to determine the soil’s pH level by doing a soil test. By performing the test, you will also get an idea about the nutrients that the soil lacks. This way, you can enhance the outdoor space over time. When you sign up for commercial landscape maintenance Marion, the professionals would start their work with a soil test.

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Maintain the soil airy and loose: After performing the soil test, it is important to make the soil nutritionally balanced. You should also see whether it is not compact and hard. For example, if you are finding the soil compact or hard like a rock, the entire lawn’s health would get affected. Moreover, due to the soil’s condition, there will not be sufficient space for air and water to enter through. The roots of the grass, trees, and plants would not grow strong and well in such soil.

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It is important to do core aeration to enhance the soil’s condition. Core aeration is the method of lawn aeration. It concentrates more to make the soil loose. Once the soil is completely aerated, air, water, and important organic matter will easily reach the roots of the trees and plants.  This way, the entire plants in the outdoor area flourish.

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Each plant is unique: If you have trees and plants in the outdoor space of the commercial property, it is important to see that the plants are ideal for cooler climates and ideal for warmer climates. Therefore, select the right plants which flourish as per your local area’s climate. It is challenging to grow cool climate trees and plants in a very hot space. Ensure to apply the same rule for the grass if you want to have a lawn.

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Several kinds of grasses are drought-resistant and prefer sun. If your commercial property is located in an area where it is mostly warm, you have to select a grass variety that is perfect for this weather situation.

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McCoy Landscape company provides commercial and residential landscaping services and assists you in how to maintain the outdoor space of the business flawlessly.

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