How to Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles for Yourself?
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On October 28, 2022

Have you decided to give your house a new and shiny look? Well, you should never forget Ceramic tiles because, without them, a house floor is just incomplete. This might sound a little weird, but when selecting tiles for your homes or offices, you must be careful. Yes, that is true because not all tiles are made the same way. Each one of them has its features and looks.

Durability and Strength Measure of Ceramic Tiles

Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles


So, let’s go through the complete guide to help you and save you from making the wrong choice. So, first of all, you need to understand that the durability and strength of any ceramic tile depend on the times they are glazed. If the tile is fired up just a few times, or even fired at a mild temperature, then such tiles are low in cost and durability. Whereas the ones heated at high temperatures and for longer times are higher in strength, but also really expensive.

Choice according to the Usage

Now, if you think you can find out the difference just from the looks, that will not happen. Certain low-glazed tiles have shiny surfaces, and it is hard to discriminate them from higher-quality ones. Usually, ceramic tiles are not used for all purposes, like for a countertop, because for that, you would need a stone slab that is at the highest of its tendency to withstand the weight and rough conditions. With the latest technology, this is also possible.

How to care for Tabletop Tiles?

Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles


Certain low-glazed tiles can also be used for countertops, but they must be used carefully. Do not keep them near the fire because fire can crack them easily. If you can find a place where the place stays dry and no other tools are placed, then these Ceramic tiles would be perfect as they are also budget-friendly. But on the other hand, if the place stays wet, or if the fire is next to it, or if you keep all your tools on the tabletop, the stone-finished and higher-glazed ceramic tiles would be a perfect option.

Guide for Flooring Tiles

Well, this was just about the table or countertops, but you might have to face other types of challenges for flooring. Now for the floor, you need to raise your budget because only high-fired ceramic tiles can survive the weight of people and furniture. A new type of tile has been introduced, categorized under C2. These tiles are durable and a little higher in resistance which makes it easier for you to walk. Still, they have the same shiny finish as the C1. As for the choice of colors or tune, you should avoid glossy ones and prefer matte or dark-colored tiles.

Factors That Will Affect Your Choice Of Tile

Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles


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The type of tile you choose for your flooring will be affected by several factors. The most important factor to consider is the weight the tiles need to support. For example, high-fired ceramic tiles are much more durable and can support the weight of people and furniture without breaking. Another important factor to consider is the climate in which you live. 

If you live in a very sunny or hot climate, you must choose tiles resistant to fading and heat damage. Tile matte or dark-colored tiles are less likely to fade in the sun than light-colored tiles. You will also need to consider the look and feel of the tiles. Glossy tiles can be difficult to keep clean and may show fingerprints and streaks. Matte or dark-colored tiles are less likely to show dirt and fingerprints.

Tips For Installing Ceramic Tiles In Your Home

  1. Choose the right type of tile for your floor
  2. Prepare the surface where the tiles will be installed
  3. Mix and apply the adhesive to the surface
  4. Install the tiles on the adhesive
  5. Allow the tiles to dry completely before walking on them

How to care for your ceramic tiles once they are installed?

Choose the Best Ceramic Tiles


There are a few key things to remember when caring for your ceramic tiles:

  • Always sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping to remove any dirt or debris.
  • If your ceramic tiles are sealed, you can use a damp mop to clean them; however, be sure to dry the tiles afterward to prevent any watermarks from appearing.
  • If your ceramic tiles are not sealed, you can use a basic household cleaner (such as dish soap) to clean them; be sure to rinse the tiles thoroughly afterward.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on ceramic tiles, as this can damage their finish.
  • To keep your ceramic tiles looking their best, apply a coat of tile sealant.


This was all about the different features you should consider while selecting your ceramic tiles. Just one mistake might cost you a lot, so be careful while you are out shopping for them.