Fire Safety Checklist: Fire Prevention & Protection in Brisbane Workplaces
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On January 20, 2021

International and Australian statistics show that 95% of fire incidents in the workplace are discovered to be extinguishable if only there were prompt response and proper operation of the equipment. However, less than 50% of occupants know how to correctly use a fire extinguisher or know the proper protocol in emergencies like this. With Brisbane anticipating CBD recovery this 2021 and people are going back to work, offices should prepare for any incident regarding safety, and this includes looking up and reviewing fire protection services Brisbane for compliance.

Safety should be everyone’s primary concern, especially in the workplace where simple daily activities may be potential hazards, such as electrical equipment, power cords, combustible materials, and other appliances. Here is a concise checklist to review with your team to ensure safety in the workplace.

Have the Correct Equipment

Fire Prevention & Protection


Fire protection equipment includes fire extinguishers and fire blankets. They should be in a visible and accessible location, much better if strategically placed in areas wherein the activity has higher combustion chances. It would be best to have a versatile ABC fire extinguisher suitable for general risks, while a fire blanket is used more for personal protection. Both pieces of equipment are most effectively used in small fires.

Education and Training

When building occupants are individually adept in responding correctly in emergencies, the safety evacuation may be quicker, and there will be less chances of panic, therefore mitigating the risk faster. By providing fire training, you will increase your staff’s skills in recognizing fire hazards, responding properly, and effectively preventing the fire from spreading through proper equipment use. Every workplace should have a Fire and Evacuation plan, which is taught and reviewed annually to occupants.

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Conduct Fire Drills

Fire Prevention & Protection


Fire drills should be conducted at least once a year to exercise or memory and response. It improves the knowledge that your staff have absorbed through reading and hearing about fire safety. Moreover, delegate and train a fire marshal to carry out procedures and coordination of the evacuation plan. Invest in consulting fire protection services Brisbane in conducting fire safety education and proper training.

Install systems and alarms

Fire detection, alarm, and sprinkler systems are a requirement for building compliance in Brisbane and Queensland. Fire alarm systems detect the possible occurrence of a fire such as smoke, therefore triggering an alarm.

Install Emergency Signage

Make sure they are oriented for the building properly, securely fastened, and contain the required information. For emergency numbers, make this known to all staff and have it displayed for convenience.

Install Exit Signs and Emergency Light

Fire Prevention & Protection


Exit signs and emergency lighting should be sure to be undamaged. They should be placed around the office or building and strategically to ensure the smartest way of evacuation.

Have a Safe Office plan 

The office layout design should be arranged to keep evacuation routes free from obstructions, and that locks or door handles are working properly.

Schedule Maintenance

Fire Prevention & Protection


A sure way to risk prevention is proper maintenance of the equipment and systems to be effective on unplanned use times.

Risks are always better mitigated while it is early and while it is small. And while we cannot predict fire incidents from happening, we can always be careful with our actions, stay informed, and be prepared.

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