Best Ways to Sell Your Home Fast!
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On September 14, 2022

Selling a home isn’t always straightforward. You might struggle to get interested buyers or get disappointingly low offers. It gets worse if time isn’t on your side.

Here are useful tips for selling your home, whether relocating to a new town or looking to raise money.

Clean and Declutter

Best Ways to Sell Your Home Fast


Buyers need to envisage themselves in your house. This isn’t possible if your house is disorganised. If you intend to sell your home, the first step is cleaning, removing clutter, and removing personal items. It’s advisable to hire professional cleaners to organise your home so it’s ready for viewing.

After cleaning, rearrange the furniture to create room for unrestricted movement. You should remove any unnecessary equipment and keep it in the store. Remember, a cramped room feels small.

Then, consider hiring a property stylist for home staging. Using their expertise, the stylist will showcase your best assets to ensure prospective buyers find your home attractive. Although it costs money, home staging can help you sell your home faster at the correct price.

Perform Quick Repairs

Best Ways to Sell Your Home Fast


After listing your home for sale, there isn’t enough time for major repairs. However, you can do minor repairs to make your home appealing to prospective buyers.

Inspect your house and do simple repairs like fixing leaking taps, replacing bulb holders, buying new door knobs, etc. Depending on your renovation budget, you might want to purchase new appliances and update fixtures. If you decide to apply paint, go for a neutral tone.

Set the Price

The most significant challenge faced by homeowners is selling their properties on time. Sometimes, even when you live in an area with a high house demand, it isn’t guaranteed to sell yours fast. Why? Pricing might be the problem.

Best Ways to Sell Your Home Fast


Setting a competitive price can help you sell your home fast. Overpricing will turn away potential customers. After months of holding on for a high price, you’ll sell at a throwaway price. Besides losing money, you also lose precious time.

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Sometimes, you might set a lower asking price than other similar properties in your local. This can spark more interest in your offering. However, the effectiveness of such a move depends on the strategy of your local real estate sector, especially the buying behaviour of residents.

When setting the price, consider the average income of potential buyers in your neighbourhood. For example, if you live in a wealthy area, you can select the price at $799,000. So, anybody with an $800,000 budget will see your home in search results. On the contrary, setting it at $810,000 means it won’t appear on search results for that budget, hurting your prospects.

Once you set a price, choose a day to lower it if you haven’t received offers. You can select a reduced asking price later, depending on the feedback received from interested parties and the prevailing market situation. If that day arrives, act quickly. Remember, the longer you stick to a high asking price, the lower the chances of getting something reasonable from the sale.

Lastly, you might consider offering sales incentives to increase your home’s customer appeal. This particularly applies to properties with peculiar features or those in a slow market. Some deal sweeteners you can offer include appliances, paying the buyer’s closing costs, and covering repair costs.

Wrapping Up

Best Ways to Sell Your Home Fast


When selling your house, the top priorities are closing the transaction fast and getting the correct value. To achieve these, clean and declutter, fix broken items, and set a competitive price. During cleaning, consider hiring a professional stylist for home staging. Lastly, set a price that reflects your market buying power – it doesn’t make sense to set a $1 million price in a market dominated by $500,000 homes.

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