Identify Water Damage in Your Home Before It's Too Late
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On May 6, 2022

The arrival of rain is mesmerizing, but it poses a high risk of water damage to your house. Situations become even more vulnerable if you live in cold regions or sea-shore areas like Milwaukee. Water damage has become a potential cause of structural damage to houses, so timely detection is necessary. If it goes undetected, results can be drastic, and repair can be costly.

There are several cases where the occupants had to leave the house because unattended water damage caused irreversible weakening of the walls; a similar thing happened in the case of water damage in Milwaukee. Keeping this in mind, occupants should often check their house for water damage and get it repaired timely. Some possible causes of water damage are:

  1. Water damage due to burst pipes
  2. Leaking electrical appliances also risks water damage like refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, dishwashers, and air coolers.
  3. It can happen due to leaking taps.
  4. Water damage due to humidity and improper ventilation
  5. Water damage caused post floods and heavy rains.

Following are the few ways through which you can detect water damage in your house:

Water stains 

Identify Water Damage in Your Home


After heavy rains, you must have absorbed marks and discoloration on the walls. These grey and white patches are evident of water damage caused by trapped dampness in the walls.

These dark and wet spots are easily observed near areas that stay wet near your toilet, sink, washing machine, pipes, and drains.

Swelling in walls and ceiling 

Apart from stains, walls and ceilings also swell when water enters them. Leaking roofs and water spillage that goes unattended often results in peeling paints. If you observe similar signs in your house, it is a sign of water damage.

Water Puddles 

Identify Water Damage in Your Home


Sometimes, water collects under the taps, kitchen sinks, or near toilets. Water puddles are a potential indication of water damage, especially if they appear often.

Swollen Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most vulnerable areas for water damage to happen. Always check your kitchen cabinets as everyday dampness can cause swelling in the cabinets. If the wood of the kitchen cabinet is warping, it is a sign of water damage.

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Distinct Musty Smell 

Water damage always carries a musty or damp smell that is very prominent if your house suffers from water damage. A musty smell is also due to molds that tend to grow within 3-4 days if dampness remains unattended.

Crumbling wood of the windows 

If there is a gap between the window’s wood and walls, it means the wood is getting warped due to water damage. Swelling in the wood is also prominent in these cases.

Discoloration due to molds 

Identify Water Damage in Your Home


Molds carry smell and discoloration. White and green patches can be seen in areas that are damaged due to water absorption. Mold growth in your house poses health risks to your family as some molds are pathogenic. Contact companies that provide mold removal services as soon as you detect any mold growth.

Leaking sounds from water appliances 

Sounds of leakage and running water are signs of water damage. Look for leaking pipes and follow the running water sounds to detect the origin of the damage.

Spiked water bills 

Water bills tend to increase if there is a hidden leakage or burst pipe in your house. So if your water bills fluctuate from the usual amount, your home is vulnerable to water damage.

Unexplained rusting in metal appliances

Identify Water Damage in Your Home


Metal appliances rust with time, but if your house’s appliances are rusting even after being new, it could cause water damage. The toilet ceiling often keeps leaking and gets ignored, therefore causing the geyser pipes to rust.


There are ways by which an occupant can identify water damage, but ignorance can leave this damage unattended. Always keep a check on water bills and water puddles in your house; you never know which one can unexpectedly damage the structure of your home. Once you can detect the damage, seek help from professional water damage Milwaukee services as they would help you see areas that are not evident enough.

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