How to Save Your Personal Belongings After Water Damage
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On May 10, 2022

Houses near seashores and coastal areas are highly susceptible to water damage. Water damage poses a high risk to your home as it makes the structure weak, causes mold growth, damages your personal belongings, and can even cause short circuits if ignored. Therefore, it’s advisable to take immediate action after detecting water damage in your house.

Sometimes, the water restoration services can’t reach you immediately in case of water damage due to flood and heavy rain, so you must secure your personal belongings before the water damage poses a threat to them. Here we have a list of things that you should do to protect your personal belongings after water damage!

Turn off the power

Save Your Personal Belongings After Water Damage


When your house suffers from water damage, a short circuit can happen. There are cases where a short-circuit destroyed the entire house due to fire. Water caused due to leakage in the pipe or bursting of a pipe is not that risky.

If the leaking pipes are near the electrical systems, it is advisable to switch off the power until the leak gets repaired. In case of floods and heavy rains, the powerhouses themselves cut the electricity to avoid further damage.

Check for the amount of water damage

The next step is to check the amount of water damage, and it helps you prioritize the things you need to secure. In case of floods, the whole house needs repair and security; in case of minor water damages, the house items near the cause of water damage require attention.

Remove and relocate your wooden furniture

Save Your Personal Belongings After Water Damage


Leaking roofs due to heavy rains and water that gets filled after floods is a potential cause of damage to your furniture. Wooden furniture absorbs water and warps, which makes them structurally weak. To avoid damage to your wooden furniture, either cover it with plastic covers or relocate it to dry places. If the water gets filled, relocate it to the upper floors. It is more critical for furniture kept in the basement as it has a higher chance of getting damaged via the water.

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Secure the important documents 

Dripping water and molding can cause irreversible damage to your documents. Sometimes, the documents even tear apart because of excessively absorbed water. Transfer the documents into air-tight containers or zip-lock bags. In case of damp documents, let them dry under the fan or sun. Always get an online copy of the document that gets damaged completely to avoid future discrepancies. If you wish to safeguard the new documents, keep them laminated and store them in zip-lock bags.

Safeguard your electronic items

Save Your Personal Belongings After Water Damage


Keep the electronic items away from leaks and transfer them into air-tight containers and plastic bags. Your mobile phones, laptop, calculators, television, refrigerator, and other electronic items are highly vulnerable to damage or getting wet. Large-sized electronic items that cannot get packed should be covered with plastic bags or relocated.

Dry out the carpets and wooden items in the sun 

Use the natural drying system when your carpets, wooden chairs, bags, and other house items get damped. Let the house items out in the sun and dry for 2-3 days. It will also eliminate the risk of mold growth.

Ventilate your house to dry it 

Houses that are well ventilated tend to recover faster from water damage, as a large portion of dampness dries out automatically. Leave the windows open and keep the exhaust fans on. You can also use heaters and air-conditioners to get a similar effect.

Contact the water restoration service provider

Save Your Personal Belongings After Water Damage


In the end, remember to contact the water restoration services. All the mentioned steps would certainly help you restore the damage and protect your belongings, but some damages need to be checked by professional water restoration service providers. Mold growths are removed using HEPA filters, or the area might need a complete replacement. Only a technician can repair and replace the damages. Walls and wooden cabinets that swell due to water absorption need to be reconstructed, and the amount of damage needs to be assessed by the restoration service provider for the same.


Keep your documents, furniture, and vulnerable belongings secure, as water damage is always unexpected. Reach the water restoration services even in the case of minor water damage to make sure no severe damage has happened.

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