What You Can Do After Water Damage in Your Home
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On March 22, 2021

When any kind of water disturbance occurs to a home like a storm, water leak or pipe bursting a home is going to suffer water damage. The water damage will be very challenging for the homeowner to repair on his own.

Regardless of the cause of flooding, you have to face a lot of unpleasant consequences – damage to property and electrical wiring, the appearance of dampness and mold in the room, the need for repairs. To eliminate the consequences of flooding, you should hire the water damage restoration service from Wright Restorations, this will significantly save time on cleaning the premises and money for its restoration.

To do a flood restoration, follow these steps:

What to do after water damage

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Call the specialists of the cleaning company and provide all the information about the incident to determine the most optimal technology for flood cleanup.

Quickly remove water – with the help of modern equipment professionals will quickly solve this problem and prevent the risk of mold in the room. Depending on the amount of water contained in the room, pumps are used, and with the help of other special facilities to determine the hidden areas of moisture. At this stage, experts assess the damage, pack and take out the furniture in need of restoration, inspect the carpet after water damage.

Dry the house. The dehumidification procedure should be performed as early as possible, preferably within 48 hours after flooding and water remediation, this will significantly reduce the possibility of occurrence of negative consequences. Moisture can be absorbed into almost all finishing materials, which leads to its deterioration after water damage, mold growth, and unpleasant smell.

For complete dehumidification of the premises, the cleaning company’s professionals use specific equipment:

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What to do after water damage

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dehumidifiers that minimize damage from flooding, prevent deformation of surfaces, avoid damage to furniture and other interior items;

air blowers capable of providing high-speed circulation of air masses to activate the process of dehumidification from all surfaces.

Technicians monitor each stage of the dehumidification process and perform the necessary measurements to control the humidity level in the room.

The procedure is carried out by masters using special equipment and chemical reagents. What to do if the apartment is flooded with dirty water? The cleaning can include washing, wet-cleaning, surface treatment with foam, abrasive powders, and special sprays. Materials and items that have accumulated moisture, exude an unpleasant smell of mustiness and dampness, to prevent such consequences, the flood restoration company conducts deodorization of the room.

What to do after water damage

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Deodorization. The team of specialists has all the necessary devices for suppressing sources of unpleasant odors – sprayers, air installations, fog generators, and ion air purifiers. Such equipment allows us to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of flooding and isn’t harmful to human health.

Certified professionals should be called in to reduce and get rid of any damage as well as health threats. If the situation isn’t treated properly within 24-48 hours the mold spores will then spread throughout the structure and this is when it becomes very difficult to remove. Call restoration company immediately to help remove the water and remediate the home of mold.

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