Most Common Way for Flooded Basement Clean-up
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On May 6, 2022

During the rainy season or natural flooding, the most common way floodwater enters the basement is through cracks and crevices in the basement floor or the basement wall. Apart from flooding, many other common reasons, like sewage backups, water heater pipe leaks, a leak from washing machines, and other water-using appliances or from the pipeline itself, can cause basement flooding. And basement flooding is most common because it is the lowermost portion of a house.

These problems can slowly covert the basement into a mess containing a few puddles of water or, in extreme cases, can cause stagnant floodwater to rise to several inches or feet. And, when water from a flood enters your house through the basement is very tragic as it causes a considerable loss and destruction of properties. In all these situations, Water removal can only help you restore and reinstall your very own place quickly.

Flooded basement cleanup by water removal process can help in quick restoration. After a disaster, the water removal technique has helped many dry thousands of homes, business areas, and basements in flooded places. The method of water removal has helped many who are beyond counting.

Fortunately, many companies are well experienced in dealing with disasters like floods and helping restore people’s damaged houses after causality.

Cautions you must take during flooding of the Basement

Tun down the mains to shut down the power supply

Flooded Basement Clean-up


Turning off the power supply either in-home or in a business area should be the number one priority job to prevent electrocution and even death. So, it will be for your safety.

Shut off the water supply

If the basement of your house floods with water due to leaking pipes or anything like that, you must turn off your home’s water supply to prevent further flooding of your basement.


Floodwater can contain several strains of dangerous disease-causing bacteria that could spread diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, amebiasis, etc. It is advisable to avoid direct contamination with floodwater.

Take a note of your damages

Flooded Basement Clean-up


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Please make a list of your damages, retain them either in pictures or videos, and gather records and proof of your damages in basement flooding. It will make you claim your insurance easily.

Cleaning of the flooded basement

Depending on the severity that has occurred after a disaster, we might need to seek the help of professionals. Before that, make sure your basement is safe and well separated from your living space. You can start to repair your basement. Firstly start water removal to remove the excess water from flooding, then the wet space is needed to be fan dried to prevent rotting of wooden flooring or furniture and prevent mold growth.

This process can also require a plumber’s help if there is a broken pipe or overflowing sewage that is causing the main problem. The problem can also arise from other causes like low-lying exit points near the water source, leaking foundations, or standard windows near a water source. It will then require the assistance of a construction worker to repair the structure and prevent any flooding from coming future.

The water removal technique also proves helpful when the water level rises and has started to reach electrical wiring or plug outlets. Firstly, turn off the power supply, enter the room, and create water removal from the room. Next, call for an electrician for an overall checkup of the wiring and power supply of the house to prevent any unwanted accident.


Flooded Basement Clean-up


If you have waterlogged in your room for a long time as it causes damage to your carpets and flooring, the only best option in this scenario is to call out for a damage restoration service. They will help out in quick water removal and repair the damage as they are experienced in cleaning up and repairing a flooded basement.

While surveying and doing the job of water removal by yourself, the work can be of much stress, so it is a better option to leave it to the pros because they are good at:

  • Professional services
  • Speedy response time
  • Mold growth and spread of disease prevention
  • Dry Outs
  • Repairs and remodelling again your basement
  • Water damage restoration
  • Flooded basement clean-up to save your house and property
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