The Best Platform to Hire Flat Fee MLS Services
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On May 7, 2021

Are you wondering how to get maximum exposure in minimum investment? And wondering how you can save your high earned money? Well, don’t put yourself hard. If you are not aware of basic saving tactics, we will discuss all the essential listing points in this article.

Listing in a big city required great exposure for this purpose. Many sellers approach the online MLS portal to hire full-time service real estate agents. Hiring full -time service agents at least for one’s, cost up to 6% of commission fees, or sometimes it exceeds hiring premium packages. So, what is the best tactic to save your money?

Flat fee MLS service is the acceptable way to list your property. If you want to record in a big state like Indiana, then Flat Fee MLS Indiana is the best option to obtain by choosing the best flat fee MLS service providing company.

Hire Flat Fee MLS Services


The best area is that which cover all the places that include Northern Kentucky Assoc of Realtors (NKMLS), Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors, Greater Louisville AOR (GLARMLS), Heart of Kentucky AOR, Greater Owensboro Realtor Association, Southern KY Association of Realtors, and Upper Cumberland Association of Realtors MLS.

What are the best websites providing flat Fee MLS services, and what are the charges they are charging to their customers? Let’s discuss some of the top flat fee MLS services and costs. 

The also offers flat fell MLS services that charge up to $79-999 from the customers. The main benefit of houzeo is they have a great online dashboard and many a la carte upgrade options. The major drawback is that you will have to pay for many other free services in other companies.

Flat Fee Group

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Hire Flat Fee MLS Services


The Flat fee group charges $499 for flat fee MLS services. The main advantage is You will work with an agent at a local portal. The major drawback is, Flat Fee Group has low control of your agent experience.

The charge-free $399 for services. The main lucrative advantage is they have no buyer’s agent commission-free listing options; you can save a lot of money, but the drawback is that your listing isn’t marketed onto the MLS and websites like Zillow or Trulia.


Hire Flat Fee MLS Services


The Fizber charges $295-395 for Flat fee MLS listing services, and the main advantage is that they give an optional transaction coordinator that makes a sale process more accessible. The drawback is that You have to pay for services such as a change in listing and photos.

The charges up to $400 for flat fee MLS services, and the main advantage is getting assistance from an agent that is much needed for some sellers. The major drawback of their services is that if you want to list on the MLS, you will be referred to a local broker, which may sometimes lead to loss and directly affect your listing quality.

Final words

I hope the information mentioned earlier will help you make an intelligent decision while hiring a service from any flat fee MLS platforms. We have discussed all leading flat fee MLS company’s fee charges and significant advantages and disadvantages.

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