Thinking Smart: Saving Electricity With Eco-Friendly Solutions
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On May 7, 2021

The use of energy can be costly, so most people preserve this resource for future use. Electricity conveniently powers our appliances for complete utilization. However, energy usage can also significantly affect our environment. Hence, people are shifting to more eco-friendly solutions.

Consequently, this shows how resilient and dynamic people are when it comes to saving the environment. Also, you do not have to worry. Saving electricity does not mean absolute cease in using it. In a way, it is more like improving your lifestyle that, at the same time, the environment can benefit.

Why should you shift to eco-friendly sources?

Saving Electricity With Eco-Friendly Solutions


There are different ways energy can affect the environment. It depends on the source and the amount it generated. Concerning this, not all electricity sources are harmful. For example, energy from coal can negatively affect the environment because its combustion releases sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other toxic gasses that can also affect human health. 

Meanwhile, the energy from the sun does not release any pollution and greenhouse gasses. In simple terms, eco-friendly sources of electricity, renewable energy does not cause any damaging emissions that can harm our atmosphere.

Consider solar energy.

The sun’s light is converted into renewable and usable energy through a device called a solar panel. This energy is the cleanest and safest source of energy. It also positively and indirectly affects the environment by reducing the use of other energy sources. 

The amount of energy a solar panel can produce varies in levels of efficiency, but without a doubt, solar energy is enough to power a home. As a result, people are getting interested with solar panels and 24% of them currently get their home electricity from eco-friendly sources.

Insulate your home correctly.

Saving Electricity With Eco-Friendly Solutions


Insulating your home means less warm air escapes your place, keeping your house warm in cold weather. As a result, less energy is consumed in warming your place. Hence, your HVAC systems may take a rest during these times. Since that sort of system uses up a lot of energy, not using them will help you save money.

Moreover, HVAC systems use refrigerants that can damage the ozone layer. Refrigerants are used to absorb heat and provide air conditioning in your HVAC machines. Additionally, the fact that HVACs use electricity is already a harmful factor in the environment.

Consider energy-efficient appliances.

To save more money and energy, you should consider using energy-efficient appliances. These appliances also prevent greenhouse emissions that can negatively affect the environment. It means increased efficiency can lower the emission of pollutants into the air. Fortunately, this type of appliance does not scar your electricity bill and will instead reduce your usual energy bills. 

To start, you should replace your old appliances with new ones, such as refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, and thermostats. Brand new and modern machines are made into using only significantly less energy in comparison to old appliances. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 10 to 50 percent are reduced in your electricity usage and cost if you use energy-efficient appliances.

Do not forget to unplug appliances and electronics that are not in use.

Saving Electricity With Eco-Friendly Solutions


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As mentioned, electricity emits greenhouse gases into the environment. Even when this is not in use or turned off, if your appliances and electronics are plugged, your bill will still keep running. They can still suck up electricity. That is why it is best to keep in mind to unplug them when not in use. It is best to make a habit of clearing things that are not active.

Moreover, it would also help if you schedule your major appliances like washing machines for laundry and dishwashers as these appliances can take up too much of the electricity.  Try to avoid that type of appliances during the peak hours of 4 pm to 9 pm.

Do not skip house maintenance.

One important thing you should not forget is always to check every nook and crook of your house. Check for any air leak, no matter the weather. An air leak will only increase the use of HVAC systems to keep your air-conditioned. Look under the doors, windows, or any cracks in the wall.

In doing house maintenance, it is also a great time to check your electrical wirings and appliances. Check if there are appliances that need to be repaired or changed. Locate your wirings and check if everything is in good condition. Completing your house maintenance is also to avoid any dangerous incidents such as fire or electrocution. 


Saving Electricity With Eco-Friendly Solutions


Adapting to more environmentally friendly solutions in saving electricity will take determination and initiative. It is going to be a massive leap in your lifestyle. Your way of life might or might not drastically change, but at the same time, you will be able to help the environment in your little ways. You can always start small, and for now, you can start by planning.