9 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home
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On May 7, 2021

Ants may look tiny, but they can cause a big mess. Having ants in a house is very unhygienic. You can spot 1200 types of ants in your house. Some of them will contaminate your food, and the others will damage your furniture. Ants live in big colonies, so whenever you find such colonies, you must take steps to remove them. Below are a few effective ways to get away with ants.

Why are ants harmful to us?

Get Rid of Ants

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Some ants do not cause much damage, but your life will become miserable if they grow in numbers. Ants do not live alone, so if you find one ant, be sure that there are 100 more.   

  • Ants carry dirt that can be harmful to our health
  • If you have ant infestation in house, they will contaminate all open food items
  • Ants are very small in size, so they can enter small holes and make a nest
  • Ants can infect any open wound
  • Some ants bite us
  • Ants can harm our plants and furniture

For all these reasons, it becomes vital that you remove all ants from your home. Take the help of professionals if you fail to control them. Pest control services by Permakill are recommended if you want to make your house ant-free. With their trained workers and advanced equipment, your house will be 100% pest-free and hygienic.

How to get rid of ants?

Having ants crawling all over your house can be very disturbing. Thankfully, you can use some homemade remedies to kill ants and prevent any future infestation. Some of the most effective ways are mentioned below.

Chalk powder

Get Rid of Ants

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Using chalk is the most common and useful way to remove ants from home. It contains calcium carbonate. This compound can kill ants. You can spray the chalk dust on the areas of infestation. Drawing the line at their entry point will also help. But keep this chalk away from your kids and pets.

Lemon juice and peels

Any bitter and sour taste keeps ants away. Use lemon juice or peels near the areas of ant infestation. They cannot tolerate the smell of lemon. You can also mop your house with a mixture of water and little lemon juice. But, sugar attracts ants, so make sure that there are no open sweets in your house. Always keep your kitchen slab clean and use the lemon peels on it.  

Pepper powder

Black pepper can work wonders. It may not kill them, but it will keep them from entering your house. Sprinkle some pepper on the infested area to get effective results. You can also mix pepper and water and spray it over their entry points. But before you use this remedy, clean the place neatly.

Salt solution

Get Rid of Ants

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Table salt is the most common and cheapest way to get rid of ants. Do not use rock salt; go for table salt. Mix water and salt and let it dissolve. Then spray the mixture on the infested parts of your house. Spraying it on the ant entry points will also keep them away.

White vinegar solution

White vinegar has a strong smell, which ants do not like. The smell may not kill the ants, but it will keep them out. Get equal amounts of water and vinegar in a container and store it. One can also add a few drops of essential oil to this mixture. Spray it on all the entry points and see the results by yourself. You need to repeat the process regularly for the best results.  

Cinnamon powder

Ants cannot tolerate any strong smell. Cinnamon has a very strong earthy fragrance. So it works as a natural ant repellent. Place some cinnamon and cloves near the entry points of ants. This will keep them away from your house. Moreover, these two will add a natural and earthly fresh smell to your house. Adding some essential oils will make the smell stronger. 

Peppermint powder

Ants avoid all the areas that have traces of peppermint as they hate its smell. Peppermint also acts as another natural insect repeller. Its strong smell prevents ants from entering your house. Add peppermint essential oil to one cup of water and spray it on all the infested areas. It will help if you do this twice a day until all ants are gone.

Cover all food sources

Get Rid of Ants

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Ants enter our houses in search of food and shelter. If you keep all your food items in a covered container, they will not get access to any. Thus, gradually they will leave your place to find a better one.

Seal all entry points

Ants can crawl into our house through very small cracks and holes. So make sure that all such entry points are completely sealed. Detecting their entry points is a must if you want to remove all ants from your house.


All these tips are tried and tested. So, using these will help you to get rid of ants. Keeping your house clean is a must, and if you need help, you can always contact professionals. So, take care of your house and live a healthy life.

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