Steps for Replacing Window Glass
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On March 30, 2022

If a baseball crashes through your living room, you need to get in touch with a glass and window company as soon as possible. You may be wondering what the steps are for installation when you need replacement window glass. Here is what you can expect from your expert glass repairman. 

1. Keep children and pets away from broken glass. 

Replacing Window Glass


Safety is always most important. You need to keep children and pets away from broken glass to keep everyone safe. To clean broken glass, put on hard-soled shoes and cut-proof gloves. Pick up any large pieces and dispose of them in a hard-sided container, not a regular trash bag. Then vacuum any small pieces. You may also want to go over the area with a sticky piece of tape to remove any tiny glass pieces. 

2. Contact a company that offers replacement window glass. 

Next, you need to get in touch with someone that can help you repair your window. If you are feeling ambitious, you can contact a glazier and install the new glass yourself. To make sure your window is repaired with the best quality craftsmanship, you should reach out to a trusted glass company in your area. 

3. Remove the broken glass and window frame. 

Replacing Window Glass


You can do this job yourself, or you can wait until your repairman comes to help. Wearing cut-proof gloves, carefully remove and dispose of any glass that is still stuck in the window sash. It may be easier to remove the frame from the wall and lay it flat first. You also need to remove any putty or glazing that held the pane in place before you replace it. You can use a putty scraper or knife to remove all the old putty. A heat gun may be helpful, too. 

4. Measure for new glass. 

You or your glass craftsman will need to measure the window pane and order the correct size of replacement glass. Measure the height and width of the window opening. Then subtract 1/8 inch from each dimension to make sure it will fit in the windowpane. 

5. Determine your existing window frame type and prep the frame for new glass.

Replacing Window Glass


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There are three common types of window frames. The frame type you have determines how your replacement glass will be installed. 


For wood frames, use a wire brush to clean dirt and residue left on the frame. Then use a heat gun to soften and loosen any old window glaze left on the frame. Scrape off paint or putty from the grooves where the new window will be installed. You can also apply linseed oil to help preserve the quality of the wood frame.

Aluminum & Vinyl

Replacing Window Glass


One of the benefits of aluminum window frames is that you can leave them installed to replace the glass. Instead of sealing the glass with glazing, aluminum and vinyl window frames are sealed with a weatherproof vinyl strip. You’ll need to remove and replace this strip when you install the new glass. 

6. Insert new glass into the frame. 

Now that your frame is prepared appropriately, you need to carefully install the new glass. If you are working with a particularly large pane, it will be safer and easier if you have two people. You always want to dry-fit the glass before applying silicone caulking or sealant. It’s best to make sure your glass is the right size before finishing the installation. Depending on the type of frame you have, you may need to apply glazing or silicone caulk before setting the window in place.

7. Seal, clean, and paint.

Replacing Window Glass


After the window has been set in place and checked for the proper dimensions, it’s time to seal it in place. The type of sealant used will be determined by the type of glass and window frame. Once the window is sealed into place, there is a small amount of clean-up to do. You’ll want to remove any additional caulk or glazing with a damp cloth or scraper. Next, clean the area and prep it for painting. The final step of your window installation will be to repaint any parts of your window frame that may have become damaged in the process. 

A broken window doesn’t need to be a cause for worry. With a few simple steps, you can have new glass installed and keep your home looking great. If you have broken glass that needs taken care of, contact a reputable glass repair shop in your area.

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