Shipping Containers Tree Residence from Joshua by James Whitaker
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On November 26, 2020

A workplace consists of a group of twisted shipping containers from Joshua, suggested by architect James Whitaker for a location in Germany and not achieved, is now being developed as a house in California’s deserts. Picture representations of the planned house by the London-based artist depict a collection of white shipping containers rising from a rugged site.

The modest shipping container has been transformed into a massive number of various structures by this massive and diverse practice. It may be an average holding shed for your instruments, but for the hyper across the world, retrofitted container ships have even been converted into incredible mansions and dwellings. The Joshua Tree Residence is supposed to be a red hot demonstration of what the very best architecture can do with shipping containers.

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Who wants this house?

A Hollywood producer purchased a huge piece of land during the California Desert and headed out again to check at a few of the places for a residence on the property with time on him because of the arms of his mates.

Work is set to resume this year THE STARBURST HOUSE from Joshua, built for the filmmaker and his wife living in Los Angeles. The recommendation arrived just after a customer and his buddies had taken a vacation to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California sooner this year. The client owns a 90-acre property near the woodland preserve, around a three-hour ride from Los Angeles. 

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Who built the house?

This shipping container office was planned years earlier, but it was never completed. Afterward, the filmmaker recruited James Whitaker to build a vacation home for his sole property riddled with orangish boulders and frizzy trees. The family will be located on a sloping site, in a gully created over the ages by stormwater.

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What is the view of the house?

Whitaker pictured an “exoskeleton” consisting of white freshly colored storage containers. The containers barrels look like a starburst, with cuboid shapes reaching out in all dimensions. The house will be raised off the floor by concrete columns. Each tank is constructed to optimize views around the countryside, or use the topography to ensure privacy, depending on individual use,” said Whitaker.

What does this beautiful place include?

This residence consists of 2,153 square feet, and it will have a living space, kitchen, kitchenette, and three bedrooms. The layout allows a solid interior of concrete flooring, white walls, and simple décor, including accessories consisting of plywood and Misfits. 

The house aims to provide a link to the sun-baked scenery while at the same time offering a feeling of protection and privacy. Square windows positioned adjacent to the clear sky and the rocky landscape. In certain places, faceted ceilings have the appearance of being within a crystalline shape.

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Facilities of this luxurious space. 

A driveway with a solar panel roof, which will produce power for the building, is just outside the building. The arrangement also involves a complete wood subfloor that contrasts with a rugged mountainside. We designed open space to provide a level of privacy and to be shielded from the temperatures of the desert,” the architect James Whitaker said. 

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Wrapping up. 

Albert Taylor, the co-founder of AKT II, a London-based architecture firm, helped provide conceptual guidance during the development process. Whitaker’s original concept for the Hechingen Studio, an office container office that he designed for an advertising company in Germany in 2015, and it will be on display at the Regional Maritime Museum in Australia this autumn.

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