5 Things to Look out for While Buying a Pure Sine Wave Inverter
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On October 14, 2019

Pure sine wave inverters are incredible gadgets that help to convert DC to AC. Unlike modified sine inverters, pure sine inverters generate a waveform that is akin to what we get from the commercial grid system. Pure sine inverters generate a waveform that is palatable, even to sensitive electronics such as smartphones and laptops. But how does one ensure they choose a pure sine wave that is suitably matched to their needs?

We look at the five critical components that you should consider.

Size of the Inverter

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Size here does not mean that physical dimension, but rather the output of a pure sine inverter. Ideally, the suitable size of your watt should correspond or be a tad higher than your output requirements. The first step, therefore, is to determine your power requirements. Once you figure your wattage requirements, add 15% of the total wattage to facilitate the overhead. The total that you get from the combined wattage should give you a promising figure for the size of your inverter. Again, understand that inverters have two ratings; continuous and peak. Peak refers to the amount of power required to start an electronic. It’s always higher than continuous wattage. Continuous, also known as the running wattage is the power required to run your electronics, While working on the total output, we recommend that you focus on continuous wattage.

Battery PowerPure Sine Wave Inverter

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Besides your total power output, you need to consider the battery power. It makes no sense having a 5,000-watt inverter if you only require 500 amps. In any case, the supplied power will drain the battery. When choosing a pure sine inverter, ensure that there is sufficient power capacity on the batteries for operating the inverter with the desired electrical equipment.

Inverter EfficiencyPure Sine Wave Inverter

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Pure sine inverters at Power Tools Geek are available in various forms, different capacities and with different efficiencies. The efficiency of an inverter is one critical component that you pay close attention to. Like any other process, conversion of DC to AC often generates heat, and during the conversion process, more watts are consumed from the batteries. For instance, if your batteries supply 3000A, you might notice that the output will be a little less, say by 10% of the original figure. Some models, however, tend to have a huge efficiency gap than others, often resulting in substantial power loses. Therefore, before making your next pure sine inverter purchase, ensure you cautiously go through the specifications. While at it, note that when an inverter, like any other electronic, is turned on, it consumes battery power even if there’s no device connected. You can, therefore, consider turning the inverter off when you’re not using it.

Operating TimePure Sine Wave Inverter

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Operating times refer to how long an inverter can operate and is hugely reliant on the battery’s capacity measured in Ah and the overall wattage of the desired appliances you wish to run. Operating time is estimated by dividing the battery Ah’s rating by the current. The good thing with a majority of the pure sine inverters is that they’re built to prevent your battery from running totally flat once the input voltage goes below a predetermined level.

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CostPure Sine Wave Inverter

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Yes, price is also a determinant when choosing a purse sine inverter. Prices of inverters range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The most expensive might not be necessarily suitably adapted for your need, while the low-cost inverters might also be cheap in their making. Either way, we recommend that you put your needs first before looking at the price. Look for a model that is within your budget range, and most importantly, a pure sine wave inverter that will satiate your needs.

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