Tips For Finding Interior Design Inspiration 
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On March 24, 2022

There is no interior design without inspiration. Everyone from industry experts to ambitious homeowners look for ways to stoke their imaginations when designing property. 

While some people will look at a broadsheet’s listicles that detail ‘hot trends’, most will look beyond this online literature. Of course, inspiration is a spectrum, and only the highest levels of creative ideas and problem-solving will truly resonate with homeowners. That feeling is constantly searched for, compelling designers and would-be designers into action. 

Where are the most healthy amounts of interior design inspiration found? What behaviours can you adopt that will move things along at a steadier pace? Read on for our quick breakdown of suggestions.   

Attend Insightful Showrooms 

Tips For Finding Interior Design Inspiration 


Showrooms are immensely useful when it comes to searching for inspiration in interior design. Inevitably, though, some offerings will be better than others. 

Competent showrooms personalise user experiences, enabling visitors to tour around to their own schedule and in their own time. The staff present also happily provide insightful information, educating visitors about what’s on display instead of exclusively pushing sales. Put simply, it’s an environment that nurtures creativity, and that’s what you should aim to immerse yourself within. 

For a better idea of what’s possible, take a look at hyperion tiles. Each tile displayed at these events aims to encourage inspiration for their clients, be they private or professionals. Hyperion Tiles provide a relaxed environment where they passionately discuss their range of versatile, durable, and water and heat resistant tiles too.  

It could be a good idea to take someone with you to these events too. They may think up questions you had not thought to ask, or new ideas could be born of those you debate and discuss. Receive advice from the experts, debate and discuss it, and formulate stronger interior design ideas due to the process. 

Utilise Phones and Connections

Tips For Finding Interior Design Inspiration 


You can create your own inspiration to a degree. While the interior design industry is still marketed by expert photographers, these days, many people are the proud owners of smartphones with state of the art cameras. They are more than communicative devices- they’re also handy tools!

Your loved ones also have their uses when you’re searching for interior design inspiration. Visit their properties and, with their permission, take a few choice snaps of whatever they have going on. They’ll likely be flattered that you’re using their property in this way. 

Remember, their interior design doesn’t need to ‘scream at you’ to be photo-worthy. Perfect inspiration can result from an amalgamation of ideas, some more impactful than others. Create a collage or digital folder of all your images and reflect on your data. 

Of course, homes themselves can become makeshift museums, to a point. While your friends may not have arranged their homes as dedications to interior design philosophies, they will have undoubtedly incorporated numerous style elements into their decoration. All you need to do is visit and snap a few choice shots of your own. 

Venture Overseas

Tips For Finding Interior Design Inspiration 


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Interior design is everywhere. What it all has to offer can change significantly if you expand your search for inspiration overseas.

Different regions and countries will have alternative visions of what good interior design entails by contemporary standards. Not only this, but each location will also have its own history in aesthetics and industry. By travelling, you can absorb as much of this information as possible, visiting museums and exhibits. Attending foreign house tours and showrooms could be a good use of time. 

Of course, some might think that foreign design concepts can be researched and explored online. While that’s true, seeing it for yourself can be a more authentic experience. You’ll never know if examples on the internet will do an interior design theme justice, either, especially if the image quality is poor. 

Arguably, here’s more than inspiration that can be found here. Travel builds and informs character, giving you lifelong and memorable experiences that could shape you as a person. It also enables you to step outside of your comfort zone and engage with new ideas. If interior design is part of that trajectory, the chances of you creating something special with your property should increase tenfold. 

Visit Nature

Tips For Finding Interior Design Inspiration 


You may not need to go quite so far afield for every piece of interior design inspiration you can find. After all, people are incorporating more natural elements into their homes. They do this with species of plant life and foliage to the inclusion of stonework. 

Nature can reveal more to you as if providing you with a ‘back to basics’ approach to interior design. For example, you may gain ideas around facilitating natural light into your property once you see sunbeams cascade through tree branches. You may also come across earthy aromas, giving your interior design project a more dynamic sensory aspect with things like scented candles. 

Of course, a walk outside can be done by anyone and is liberating for your mind, too. Not all of your interior design solutions need to be nature-based; you can mull on existing creative ideas and self-reflect during these times as well. 

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