Factors to Consider Before Starting a Home Renovation
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On February 8, 2021

With more people preferring to stay at home with their families, many homeowners are now considering remodeling and expanding their house. Other homeowners also want to enhance their houses’ aesthetics and structure to show their progress in life. Home renovation is a significant decision that should be carefully planned and mapped out. Therefore, you must hire an experienced renovation construction company that specialises in remodelling services.

Regardless of the reason you have behind your home renovation plan, it is essential to consider all the factors before proceeding with the project. Home renovation is a costly and irreversible process. It is crucial to lay down all your plans to avoid wasting time, money, and effort on such a big project. Here, we listed all the significant factors you should consider before proceeding with your home renovation.

List Down All Your Plans

Home Renovation

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If you have many fixtures to replace or parts of the house you want to remodel, put them all down in a list. Do not trust your mind that you will remember all these details. Trust us; you won’t. Well, maybe there’s a chance you will remember, but it is better not to take the unnecessary risk than regret it later.

Listing down all your renovation plans and the specific details is essential to communicate them well to your contractor. Check every corner of your house for every problem. All homes hold hidden issues in the walls or under the floors, so try your best to check these areas. Note all the fixtures you want to replace, such as a bathtub or an outdated sink. When you have a clearer picture of the whole renovation process, it will be easier to check for materials and services that align with your budget.

Research on Design Ideas

Home Renovation

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Aside from the areas you want to fix and replace, you should also be specific on the design or look you are going for. You should prepare a design plan before meeting with your interior designer. Narrow down your design preferences by browsing home interior design ideas on the internet. You can also get inspiration from magazines or even design shows. 

Having thorough research on these design ideas will give you a rough estimate of the amount of money you have to spend. If you only have a specific budget, you can keep your designer on your account by discussing the materials and the particular time frame of the renovation. After all, you yourself know best about the vision for the renovation you want.

Spend Time in the House

Home Renovation

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If you already live in the house you are planning to renovate, you probably already know the specific details you want to change in the house. However, if you are just planning to move to the house to be renovated, it may be a good idea to spend some time in the house first. Sometimes, you first need to have a feel of the house before you realize what exactly you want to change.

Major decisions such as wall paint and light fixtures are expensive to redo, so you should be certain in your decision to avoid wasting money. Spending some time inside the house will let you perceive what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve. You can also find out which parts of the house need to be illuminated more. Every element of the interior design contributes to the ambiance of the house, so you should consider how everything should work together inside the house.

Prepare a Realistic Timeline

Home Renovation

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After dealing with a renovation company, you can ask them for a rough estimate on how long the renovations would take. Prepare a timeline for these renovations as renovation tasks can take several weeks. You can plan which part of the house should be renovated first and prepare the materials and fixtures you need to buy. 

Renovations may take longer than expected. There can be features of the house that need repair that only show up during the renovation process. Other unfortunate events may happen, so it is advisable to expect the unexpected and allow extra time in your timeline. Be realistic as possible with your timeline to avoid frustration. 

If you are renovating the whole house, plan your accommodation while the process is ongoing. Moving homes can be a tedious process if you have a lot of items. Since you are only staying somewhere else temporarily, consider renting a self-storage facility to store your stuff. If you live in London, you can rent a self storage in Crawley to save you from the stress of moving your items to a faraway location.

Research and Interview Multiple Contractors and Renovation Companies

Home Renovation

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Now that you have your plans and design ideas, it is time to look for contractors or renovation companies. Interviewing multiple contractors is tedious. However, it is essential if you want your renovation to be done the way you want. Not all contractors will agree to your renovation plan, especially when you are on a tight budget. Some contractors may also realize you are a first-timer and charge more than what is required. If you commit to a single renovation company right away, you may end up wasting a lot of money without really getting the perfect renovation you want.

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier to look for home interior design and renovation companies near you. Research and check each company’s website to know their styles, services, and their usual rate. Check reviews online to have a good idea about the quality of their service. If you have families or friends who have renovated their homes before, you can directly ask them questions and recommendations regarding renovation services.

Now that you know the factors you should consider before proceeding with a home renovation, you are one step closer to your dream! Be sure to talk to your renovating company and walk them through everything to ensure a successful home renovation.

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