How to Use Brad Point Drill Bits for Precise Clean-Cut Holes
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On February 21, 2020

Have you ever wondered how those perfectly cut and plugged clean-cut holes are made on your dining table? How can someone be so perfect l in making such clean-cut holes? Well, the Brad Point Drill Bit is the answer to all your questions. The Brad Point Drill Bits are known for their neatness and accurate drilling.

But how does it work?


The flutes present on the bit constantly keep cutting a sharp clean outside edge and removing the extra material while drilling. This property of the brad point drill bit helps a designer in tracking the path of the hole. It may not look like a big deal but this can ruin the design of any furniture. Because designers need to be very cautious while making such holes, this makes brad point drill bits their first choice.

The bit has a sharp center point which helps in increasing the hold of the drill on the surface. The center point can pierce through any surface very precisely. There is no need to externally make any prior indents to start drilling. One can easily hit the mark accurately with the center point of a brad-point drill bit. The positioning of the drill is also easier because of the center point


The above-mentioned properties of brad point drill bit state the reason behind its popularity among furniture designers. Since the designers need to be in full control of the drill, this bit is always preferred by them. but there’s more to it.

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The last thing we should keep in mind before buying this bit is that the flutes cannot be sharpened again if severely damaged.


We can conclude that brad point drill bits are the first choice of every furniture designer. This is because of their unique property of piercing right through the workpiece without any kind of roughness in the path of the hole. The hole is also very smooth from inside. Along with neatness, the brad point drill bit offers greater stability while drilling and maintains the accuracy of its exact location rather than the other type of bits. This bit reduces the tear-out on either side of the hole.


It can be very useful when the drilling area is narrow, especially when drilling edges. The holes can be drilled easily on the edge areas without any fear of splitting the wood because the bit focuses inside the bore only. This bit can be called a great tool for boring holes in wood especially when a clean and neat hole is required. One thing to remember if you are drilling deep holes is to keep pulling the drill out during the procedure to remove the unwanted material trapped in the flutes.

So the next time if you need to drill any hole in wood or other non-metallic surfaces, try a brad point drill bit, for a noticeable difference. See the best ideas at The Architecture Designs.

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