When Is The Right Time To Purchase A New Air Conditioner?
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On August 19, 2020

Leading HVAC technicians at Wrightway Comfort share certain major factors to decide if it is time to replace or repair your air conditioning system.

If you are residing in Spring, Texas, then surely your air conditioner would remain as one of the precious things in your home. When the temperature is dry and high during summer months, you would wonder whether you need to update the unit. Wrightway Comfort’s trusted and specialized HVAC technicians are happy to assist you in comparing the benefits and costs of AC replacement or AC repair Spring TX. Some of the key factors you should consider before making a decision are as follows:

A/C repair or A/C replacement?

Purchase A New Air Conditioner

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The unit’s age: Do you have an AC unit that is less than 5 years but causing issues? If your answer is yes, you have to get the right air conditioning repair services.  But if the unit is more than 10 or 12 years, it means, it has accomplished its life expectancy. Old systems possess various kinds of issues that cannot be solved in one or two repairs. You would be approaching the repairmen frequently for different kinds of problems. If you are in this situation, you need to think about upgrading your unit.

New air conditioning units are comfortable, environmentally friendly, and efficient. They produce a continuous flow of fresh conditioning air and adjust according to the indoor humidity situations. The best part of the new AC units is, you can see massive savings. You can save about 20% by upgrading to the latest Energy Star rated and qualified unit. You can also find refurbished PTACs at PTAC4Less which is also a great choice for an AC unit for they aren’t only energy efficient – they also offer increased comfort at your home.

Purchase A New Air Conditioner

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Do you spend more than $5000 repairing the AC? Some people will be constantly approaching the repairman for their AC. Just think how much you spend a year only for AC repairs and parts. If you are spending more than $5000, it means you need to replace your unit. When you compare in the long term, you would find the cost of a new AC reasonable than repairing the existing one.

If you are doubtful, you can check with your HVAC contractor whether to do complete A/C replacement or A/C services in Tomball, TX. When you talk with an expert, you will get better clarity and ideas about the situation you are going through. The experts do not suggest a replacement just like that. They will ask various questions and hear about your requirements before giving you the right suggestion.

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Air conditioner warranty and reliability: If you are not approaching the AC repairman for the first time or you have become familiar with the repairman, you have to think about AC replacement. Most of the air conditioners come with a warranty of about three or five years. If the repairs occur within the warranty period or even if you are calling for the 7th time for repair (when the system is under warranty), then you do not have to worry about replacing the unit. As the expenses will be covered in the warranty and it does not hurt your pocket.

Purchase A New Air Conditioner

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But if the warranty has expired, you have to look for A/C replacement options.

Financial considerations:  At times, you will be repairing the air conditioner instead of replacing it because of your budget or financial status. If you have a low budget and wish to install a new A/C, ensure to contact the leading HVAC contractors. In recent years, several plans and schemes have been launched where you can purchase new HVAC without much stress. It means you can pay on an installment basis or something flexible to you. They provide several financing options that will help you to purchase the best A/C easily.

Purchase A New Air Conditioner

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Coolant leaks: The majority of AC manufacturers have started to produce environment-friendly coolant referred to as R-410A. Before they were producing R-22 coolant. It has been completely stopped as it is expensive and not up to the mark. If your air conditioner is functioning on R-22, you need to replace the coolant as it has chances of leakage, causing expensive repairs. Moreover, if you add extra refrigerants to the unit, it would be expensive. In this case, it is best to take the replacement route instead of repairing the A/C.

Wrightway Comfort helps you in making cost-effective and timely decisions for your situation. Schedule an appointment today for assistance.