Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon - Which LED Neon Website Is The Best?
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On January 6, 2023

Echo neon and Lucky neon are LED neon sign manufacturing companies that produce their neon signs in their in-house studios and offer customers pocket-friendly manufacturer’s prices. 

This post is a detailed review and comparison of the services, prices, and quality of neon signs produced by Echo neon and Lucky neon. If you are wondering which of these neon sign companies is the best, you’ll love to read this review.  

Echo Neon 

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon


Echo neon is America’s first LED neon sign brand and the most chosen neon brand for five years. They have a team of experts that design their LED neon signs from complete PVC and acrylic backboards. The neon signs are created in Echo neon studios and lit using vibrant LED bulbs that consume 6 times less energy than your average bulb. 

Their neon signs also come with a custom-made RGB remote controller and RGB Switchable Color so you can switch between 16 colors for your neon sign. The RGB dynamic color has over 150 color effects for choice. The best part is the LED neon signs at Echo neon can be controlled by your smartphone. 

If you want, Echo neon’s team of experts can build led signs for room based on your requirements and they have the lowest prices in the LED neon market.

Echo Neon Services

Echo neon sells ready-made LED neon signs and lamps. They also create custom LED neon signs for customers through their customize your LED neon sign feature. 

Pros of Echo Neon

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon


  1. Echo neon LED neon signs have the latest design and features.
  2. The LED neon signs have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours. 
  3. When properly installed, Echo neon LED neon signs last over 10 years.
  4. The neon signs have RGB dynamic color and a remote control for easy color switching.
  5. Echo neon offers unbeatable prices and discounts. 
  6. They hire experts to design the LED neon signs.
  7. Their neon signs and lamps are built from eco-friendly and recyclable materials. 
  8. 12-month warranty on LED neon signs.
  9. Echo neon offers custom-built services. 

Cons of Echo Neon

They do not have a rush delivery option. Shipping often takes 2-3 weeks. 

Lucky Neon

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon


Lucky neon is an American-owned LED neon sign brand with over 5 years of experience. They have a wide collection of LED neon signs from different categories and can also make custom neon signs based on customers’ uploaded designs. Lucky neon uses the latest technologies and materials to build their neon signs from scratch to give customers a clean and modern design. 

Customers can choose from 25 colors for their neon signs during the construction stage and some of their neon signs come with colored jackets that can be put over the neon sign when it’s off so the color is still displayed, just not as bright. Neon signs from Lucky Neon are safe and kid-friendly since they contain no mercury or neon gas. 

Lucky Neon Services

Lucky neon sells different types of LED neon signs. They also make custom-neon signs for customers and businesses. Lucky neon offers speedy services and they have become the go-to for rush orders. They also offer dropshipping, wholesale, OEM, and ODM services.

Pros of Lucky Neon

  1. They have neon signs that come with colored jackets so you still enjoy color even when the sign is off.
  2. They take on rush orders and emergency requests.
  3. Their neon signs are safe since they don’t contain mercury or neon gas.
  4. You can choose from 25 different color shades for your neon sign.
  5. Lucky neon offers a custom-build option for customers that want a unique neon sign.
  6. Their neon signs consume low energy and come with an installation kit for easy installation. 

Cons of Lucky Neon 

  1. Some of their neon signs are high-priced.
  2. They only give discounts on orders above $159.

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon


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Next, let’s compare the features of both neon sign brands to see which comes out on top. 

Best Prices and Affordability 

Which neon website offers the best prices?

Echo Neon

Echo neon offers unbeatable prices to customers because they produce the neon signs themselves rather than reselling neon signs produced by other companies. Most of their neon signs are priced between $100 and $300. 

They even offer up to 20% discount on your first order and they put dozens of neon signs on sale at discounted prices on their websites. Echo neon also offers free shipping to overseas customers.

Lucky Neon

Lucky neon has neon signs with a broad range of prices. They have a few neon signs below $100 but most of their products are priced between $150 and $400. 

Lucky neon only gives discounts on customer orders above $159. The discount is usually 15% but they offer free shipping to overseas customers. Some locations like Japan and Singapore may attract shipping charges.

Verdict: Echo neon has more affordable prices than Lucky neon. Echo neon also gives discounts regardless of the price tag and their discount of 20% is more than Lucky neon’s discount of 15%. 

Delivery Time 

How long to deliver? 

Echo Neon

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon


Echo neon takes 2-3 weeks to deliver your custom neon signs. It takes 8-10 working days to create the neon sign and a standard 3-week period for the product to be shipped to your location. However, they have an expedited delivery feature that takes less than 2 weeks.

Lucky Neon

Lucky neon is renowned for its swift delivery. The production of their neon signs takes 4-10 days and 7 days for delivery. They even have a rush order feature. 

Verdict: Lucky Neon is faster than Echo Neon and as such is more suited to emergency requests.

Design and Quality of Neon Signs

How good are the neon signs?

Echo Neon

Echo neon has the best quality for their neon signs. The neon frame is made from high-grade PVC and acrylic backboards that have been laser and contour cut to provide clean and modern designs. The LED bulbs consume 6 times less energy and have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours. You can even request for your custom neon sign to be splash-proof (or water-resistant) and safe for outdoor use. 

Lucky Neon

Lucky neon signs have good quality too. They use the new flex design for their LED neon signs. The neon signs are sculpted by hand into different shapes but there is a disclaimer on the Lucky Neon website that doesn’t guarantee that the neon signs you get will be the same as the photos you see on the website. 

Verdict: Echo neon LED signs have better design and quality because the signs are precisely cut to the exact shape and intended design. 

Specifications and Features

Echo Neon vs Lucky Neon


What features do the neon signs have?

Echo Neon Signs

Echo neon LED signs are controllable using your smartphone. The signs also come with an RGB dynamic color switch and a custom-made remote controller. You have up to 150 color effects and 16 switchable color displays. Their neon sign also has a splash-proof feature for protection from water and you can choose from 28 of the cutest fonts for your neon sign. Their neon signs don’t emit heat or make noise. 

Lucky Neon Signs

Lucky neon signs have good features. They provide up to 25 color options and 10 of these colors come with a colored jacket to display a low glow even when the neon sign is off. Their neon signs also come with country-customized plugs and adapters so there is no risk of burnout.

Verdict: Echo neon has better features than Lucky neon signs. Echo neon signs have more display modes, color effects, and fonts, and can be splash-proof if requested. 

Final Verdict

In summary, Echo neon and Lucky neon are good neon manufacturing companies. They both offer good prices, modern designs, and customized options to customers. However, Echo neon sign edges out in this review based on its advanced specifications, features, and design. 

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