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On September 17, 2018

In interior design and architecture, the Mexican interior design is characterized by bold distinctive Mexican patterns, vibrant colors and rustic furnishings. Mexican style creates warm, stimulating ambience and welcoming by using cultural designs and rich vivid colors. Create your own beautiful house with Mexican accessories. Mexican interior design ideas which you could apply that is:

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Mexican patio: ceramic tiles in browns, warm reds and terracotta is often used in Mexican patios. It gives a traditional look to your home on your budget. For Mexican style patio furniture, you could choose wrought iron elements and stick with rustic wood elements which keep this design authentic.

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Mexican colors and patterns: Mexican colors and patterns consist of bold, vibrant colors and vivid patterns. To create a tranquil environment it’s the best style for people. Mexican interior styles combine cold and warm colors like, blue and red or green and orange.

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Mexican landscaping plants: cacti and broad lifted plants (agave and yucca) are Mexican styles of landscaping plants. Dahlia, yellow bells and Mexican bush sage add color, foliage and personality to the outdoor area of your house.

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Mexican decor: a figure of a skull or skeleton or a calaca is often used for decorating. The skeleton figurines are painted in bright and festive colors and often shown playing and dancing instruments, which indicates a happy afterlife.

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Mexican theme living room: Here again we see the geometrical Mexican patterns combined with both warm and cold colors. This is a unique floor rug. This gorgeous floor rug is best if you want to create a Mexican themed living room.

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If you love this Mexican design then you should apply this Mexican style in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pools and garden.

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