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On September 18, 2018

Are you checking out to add some extra whim to your home decor? You have come to the right place.  Be creative and give some offbeat beauty to your garden! Here we have some diy hanging planter ideas  for you.

diy hanging planter

Source:balconygardenweb.comdiy hanging planterSource:amazinginteriordesign.comdiy hanging planterSource:homebnc.comdiy hanging planterSource:kinggeorgehomes.comdiy hanging

DIY hanging planter birdcage: Ever wondered how can a birdcage turn to a beautiful hang for colorful plants? Try and see for yourself.

diy hanging planterSource:hngdiy.comdiy hanging planterSource:vivo-homeliving.comdiy hanging

Hanging Plastic Bottle Planter: Okay. So we all want to recycle, right? You can just cut a bottle into halves and put some mud in it and plan any of your choice. Note, you can’t plant one banyan tree there. Seashell Planter: So everyone has visited beach and grabbed colorful seashells of their choice?  Some big shells and a thread to tie is all you need here. Use air plants here.

diy hanging planterSource:originalmusictravel.comdiy hanging planterSource:kinggeorgehomes.comdiy hanging

PVC pipe hanging: We all have undergone some household works where some PVC pipes remained unused. No need to worry.  You can cut it into two halves and plant anything. Wait. You love planting vegetables but it gives you awful look? Hang this pipe halves and plant in it. Not only it would look unique but it would give to ease too.

diy hanging planterSource:blog.casafina.comdiy hanging planterSource:youtube.comdiy hanging planterSource:ripricepoint.orgdiy hanging

Tire hanging planters: Get one or two tires, hang them in sequence, clean it, color it, put some mud, and your choice of planting your favorite is ready to hang in it!

diy hanging planterSource:star4dz.comdiy hanging planterSource:farmfoodfamily.comdiy hanging planterSource:homedit.comdiy hanging planterSource:sofacope.comdiy hanging

Hanging Fence planters: Very common yet mostly accepted.  The fence around your home sweet home can add spice to your decor!  Use a metal cage or a succulent orb hanging and finish the greenery look.

diy hanging planterSource:sofacope.comdiy hanging planterSource:homegardenmagz.comdiy hanging planterSource:farmfoodfamily.comdiy hanging planterSource:thehideaway.infodiy hanging planterSource:wisemamablog.comdiy hanging planterSource:omae.codiy hanging planterSource:loveandrenovations.comdiy hanging planterSource:jenniferperkins.comdiy hanging planterSource:lindaberner.comdiy hanging planterSource:mampics.comdiy hanging planterSource:in.pinterest.comdiy hanging planterSource:interiordesignblogs.eudiy hanging planterSource:sofacope.comdiy hanging planterSource:mampics.comdiy hanging planterSource:doitself.infodiy hanging hanging planterSource:teazr.mediy hanging planterSource:readinspiredmag.comdiy hanging planterSource:blog.consumercrafts.comdiy hanging

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