Best Extra Long Shower Curtains for 2023
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On October 9, 2021

A bathroom with a shower or a toilet needs decent extra-long curtains to shower. But think again if you believe all shower curtains are made similarly. 

Extra-long curtains are much more than practical additions, and they are also beautiful. Investing in a high-quality curtain requires some thinking when you want to upgrade your bathroom décor and repel the humidity and keep your floor dry and clean. Here Homedesignnow brought variously extra long curtains for your shower with different material 


Curtains Cotton Shower –

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Extra-long curtains are a frequent choice for homes as the fabric can be cleaned and maintained easily. The accent is also “softer,” matching the harsh edges of the majority of modern bathrooms. It creates a warm, pleasant appearance. 

You may obtain cotton extra-long shower curtains in various colours and designs—select flower designs, colours, dots, stripes, etc. You won’t find it hard to match your bathroom décor with certainty.

The disadvantage is the high absorption of the material, and it is susceptible to water and humidity. Many people do this to solve this problem by using the liner of vinyl or polyester to shield it from splashes. Often, it can also prevent the development of mould and mildew.

Curtains Vinyl Shower

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Sadly, not everyone has a lot of time to wash and change the extra-long curtains. Cotton may not be a smart choice for such hectic lives. 

Instead, use a more maintenance-friendly alternative like a vinyl extra-long shower curtain. It is inherently moisture resistant to the synthetic nature of vinyl.

Various colours, styles, and patterns may be found for your design in the bathroom. These don’t have to go with extra liners, unlike cotton extra-long shower curtains. However, some utilise this to offer more seclusion and to maintain the water within the shower space.

Shower Curtains Microfiber

Microfibers are an excellent tissue utilised in many applications. They are softer than usual in the bathroom, like extra-long curtains. They also maintain humidity within the bathroom. If they ever have remaining moisture, it will evaporate rapidly and keep mould and mildew in the water – especially if hanging in a well-ventilated bathroom.

To get more reliability, use them with magnetic weights. You will have considerable stability even when the water pressure is substantial or when the bathroom fan or heat ventilation blows air. In addition, they are safe for washing machines, which gives you less cleaning worry.

Curtains decorative shower

Extra Long Shower Curtains

If you use the bath more than your shower, decorative extra-long curtains might be a suitable match. These will work well if you merely want a cost-effective way into your bathroom to breathe fresh vitality. These materials are created from high-grade materials like ray or fake silk. Premium models, laces, and other decorations may also come with hand-embroidered designs.

But these aren’t beautiful faces; they’re helpful as well. While you combine them with nylon or polyester liners, even in highly-traffic restrooms, they prove their usefulness. And bring beauty to your room all the time.

Curtains Hookless Shower

Curtain-sized bathrooms with ceiling-path curtain rods frequently include hookless shower cups. These come with included rubbish, allowing them to glide over the shower rods effortlessly to provide a smooth, smooth finish. Say farewell to angry rings of the curtain.

Various colours, designs, and materials to fit your tastes may be found. You are happy to know that there are numerous hookless extra-long shower curtains with built-in sills when you wish to have additional protection from the humidity!

Curtains Extra-Wide Shower

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Finally, if you need additional privacy and coverage surrounding your bath, you may try an extra-long shower curtain. 

If you have a rectangle rod that hangs from your ceiling over the tub, or if you have an L-shaped shower curtains rod. Through soft bath tables and damp flooring, you will never have to stress again.

In this extra-long shower curtain liner, it’s also possible to couple any non-synthetic shower curtains (linen or cotton) to prevent excess moisture and preserve high-formed shower curtains length.


You’ll do fine with solid colour rather than designs and patterns if you have a minimalist bathroom décor. These will prevent the whole space from becoming overdecorated and compromised. Go for hues that match the existing motif of the bathroom. For example, you can choose an earth-tinted extra-long shower curtain when your paint and tiles are neutral in colour. Colour coherence is crucial. You want to make sure you do not have a too “crashing” colour palette. It not only prevents design continuity but also diminishes your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. 

You may choose colourful curtains to add colour if you have neutral hues and white in the space.

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