10 Best Thing About Endy Mattress
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On July 5, 2021

The Endy mattress has a streamlined design with lots of extraordinary features. The Endy is a very comfortable mattress for back sleepers.

It’s is not for heavy sleepers because they need a thick comfort layer.The Endy mattresses are only available in Canada. 

The Endy has a balanced foam feel. It is a medium-firm mattress. When you sit on it, it’s quickly bounced back.

When you laying on the Endy mattress you feel sink in but it’s not difficult to move back. These are the 10 best things about Endy mattress.

Endy is always compared to Casper, a review published on trendliff.com described that Casper is best for overweight people, while Endy is good for people who have a medium weight.

1. The firmness of the Endy mattress

Endy Mattress

source: mattressportal.com

It is a medium-firm mattress offering a versatile feel for a whole category of sleepers.

The top layer of Endy foam is too soft to easily press into the mattress. When you press the foam you feel a firmer transition layer and then a support layer. 

The combination of these layers gives support to the Endy mattress.If you are a heavy person you feel the Endy mattress is firmer and also if you side sleepers you could press the Endy foam layer and hit those firmer layers. 

This also causes build more pressure on your shoulder and hips.When you laying on the back Endy mattress is supportive .

Your hips sink into the mattress but those transitional layers support layer helps to stop sinking.

2- Firmness scale of Endy mattress

The majority of back sleepers prefer medium-firm to firm beds. Endy mattress is medium-firm at about 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 

On this scale, Endy gives a versatile class of mattress that can be well suited and also give more space for sleepers. 

3- Construction 

Endy Mattress

source: torontolife.com

The Endy mattress made up of three layers. These layers give support underlying bed for balance and provide comfortable sleep.

* The top layer foam should provide very nice pressure relief for most sleepers. But the heavy people feel less pressure relief on the Endy mattress than people who are lighter in weight.

* Then there is a transitional polyfoam cover  that acts as a shield  between the assistance layer and the supportive layer underside. 

* Finally, there is the thick standard coating of base poly foam, which is the fine standard base layer in the industry. 

4- Temperature Neutrality

Endy mattress uses low-density open-cell polyfoam in their mattress. This material is moderately breathable compared to higher density foams and particularly memory foam.

Endy mattress absorbs all the heat from sleepers due to its construction. This may cause some people to feel uncomfortably warm especially if they generally run hot.

Many all-foam mattresses tend to sleep hot. Their solid foam component does not circulate air very well, causing the comfort layers to trap heat.

5- The Pressure Relief

Endy Mattress

source: holrmagazine.com

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To future evaluate the Endy mattress for pressure relief. Our tester took turns laying on a sensory pad that tracks pressure build up in the shoulders hips and other sensitive areas. 

The tester also switches position to see if the pressure increased or decreased while laying on the side, stomach or back.

Throughout all these researches and tests we found that the Endy mattress is a very good pressure relief for sleepers who weighs between 230 pounds or less. 

The comfort layer of the Endy mattress relieves the pressure of the spine and from the other parts of the side sleepers.

6- Cover of Endy mattress 

The mattress covers easily removable and is machine washable.

Endy mattress protected is both water resistance and temperature regulating so you stay cool and comfortable sleeping on Endy mattress cover.

7- Size of Endy mattress

Endy mattress found in different sizes .Compared to some other brands Endy mattress has the best quality and various structure of the mattress. 

There are some different size of mattresses

Endy Mattress

source: shopify.com

* Twin 

* Twin LX

* full

* queen 

* king

* California king

8- Motion Isolation

We found that the Endy mattress has a strong degree of motion isolation. movement on one side of the mattress barely feels to the opposite side of a person.

It means that the couple should not be disturbed by the movement of their partner on the bed. Endy mattress made up of primarily foam material tends to transfer less motion as compared other brand mattresses 

Endy Mattress

source: mattressmatchers.com

9- Edge Support 

Mostly all the other foam does not have firm edge support. Foam typically does not hold up to compression very well, causing some linkage when pressure applied to a single area. 

The Ending firmer feel it a bit more resistant to over-compression at the edge than all other foams bed

10- Prices Of Endy 

The price of  best bedroom mattress is affordable as compared to all other foams models. 

It varies with different sizes. Based on it’s quality and performance compared to its price point, our analysis found that Endy mattress give one of the best cost overall brands.

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