How to Protect Your Home from Fire
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On July 5, 2021

Firefighting systems are constructed groups of units built to extinguish fires, also known as fire suppression. Wrong firefighting has the potential to cause more damage than an actual fire. It is imperative steps are taken to protect you and your family in your home environment. 

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Protect Your Home from Fire


Automatic fire fighting systems are the term for a system that can suppress, control and extinguish a fire in all scenarios without the need for human intervention. 

Automatic fire extinguishing systems eliminate the dependence on a person involved in the critical process of fire protection. Sprinkler systems are the most commonly used type of fire extinguishing systems but some applications require a specific hazard for fire extinguishing systems that do not use water. This danger is unique in that it deals with the danger that water can do more harm than good. 

Why are gas fire extinguishers used?

For installations dealing with combustible substances such as oil and gas, a fire extinguishing system is necessary because water is not an effective fire extinguishing agent when burning oil and certain other substances. 

Water can damage all kinds of properties, such as electronics, server rooms and semiconductor manufacturing facilities, which benefit from fire protection systems such as sprinklers. Class K systems with foams, fire retardants and other wet chemical substances are also an option to reduce the spread of a fire in a room. 

How much carbon is released from fires?

Protect Your Home from Fire


The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by an enormous fire is breathtaking. According to an estimate by Forest Service ecologist Leland Tarnay, 52 million tonnes would be released – which is the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 11 million passenger vehicles emit each year. The heat of the fire comes into contact with the pipes as they burst at the point of contact. 

How are fires put out in the UK?

In the UK, firefighting policy is geared to extinguishing fires as quickly as possible, as was practiced for much of the twentieth century. The effectiveness of firefighting varied widely, with ineffective suppression more effective in the nineteenth century than later. Fighting fires is most effective in areas where there is direct access to fires and where newly discovered resources can be deployed quickly to extinguish them. 

Education surrounding fire safety

Protect Your Home from Fire


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Educating the public about the need for fire prevention has become an important objective in fire safety.  Firefighters aggressively sent fire crews to the scene of the blaze to prevent it from spreading. There are many different kinds of suppression systems for different applications that are still in use today even if they can no longer be manufactured or are legally produced. 

How to protect yourself from fire

In order for you to find the right fire protection system for your business or plant, a better understanding of the basics of each system and the variety of options will help you make the right choice for your unique situation, irrespective of your situation. You may have an old building with an original fire protection system and want to protect and maintain your new server room in the event of a fire.

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Protect Your Home from Fire


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