5 Budget-Friendly Home Flooring Options
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On November 22, 2022

Flooring usually takes up a large part of your budget when building a new house, and then sometimes you may eventually realize that you just wanted something for the floor and not a reason to spend so much on maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. 

If you are looking to install flooring for your home, there are some budget-friendly home flooring options that you can consider. 


Home Flooring

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Tiles are beautiful home flooring and it is not surprising how it keeps being in the trend year after year. Despite the many new flooring designs available today, tiles remain the best choice for most people. It is durable and can also last for many years. Tiles are not just beautiful for home flooring but are also used for wall designs, especially in water-logged areas, where the walls are easily damaged by moisture. They are used in almost any part of the house. Also, cleaning and maintaining tiles is pretty easy, and if done consistently can keep your floor sparkling for a long time. 

Installation is best left for professionals. This is because it involves cutting the tiles to fit into certain parts of the room, and this requires a tile cutter which is an equipment you most likely will find with only professionals. 

Wet tiles can be very dangerous as they can easily cause one to slip and eventually get injured. If used in bathrooms, the floor should be cleaned regularly to prevent an accumulation of dirt on the floor; this can cause a fall when bathing. If not properly maintained tiles show cracks easily, so be careful what you hit or drop on the floor. 


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This is one other cheap flooring option that you can try. Although it ranges in price per square foot it is still affordable. Also, maintenance is easy and when properly done you can use the floor for a longer period. This flooring is water-resistant and could be sometimes mistaken for vinyl. Maintainance usually involves waxing the floor every two to three years. This flooring is easy to install so with the right tool you can set it up yourself without the need to pay for professional service. Likewise, it is an eco-friendly flooring option 

However, there are a few limitations here. Although linoleum is water-resistant, it is not waterproof, meaning that if for any reason, it becomes submerged in water, it is likely to get damaged. So it is not very ideal for areas that are prone to flooding. Also, it doesn’t do well when exposed to excess sunlight. This could cause the floor to become yellow over time and eventually becomes unappealing, especially when used in conspicuous places in the house, like the living room. In the same way, it could also get damaged if punctured or torn by sharp objects. So if you have kids around, this is something to look out for.


Home Flooring

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This is a common flooring in homes. They come in several colors, sizes, and designs, so you have many options to explore. To make it better, you can choose a carpet that has the same design or perhaps color as your window blinds or couch, better still something that matches. This flooring option is easy to install and is something you can easily do yourself. To make things faster, you may get one more person to help you out, but there is not much to do here. They are very comfortable which makes them ideal for homes with kids; kids easily get injured on hard flooring when they slip or fall. So this is something to keep your heart more at peace. 

Speaking about the cons, carpets can be quite expensive, although the price varies with the size of the carpet. Also, cleaning and maintenance can be pretty difficult. It is even more complicated when you have pets around. Pet hairs easily stick to carpets and it is a lot of work getting them out. 

Although there are ways to get rid of these hairs, not everyone is cut out for the stress. Likewise, since new flooring options are becoming more popular, carpets may no longer meet the trend in a couple of years. So when choosing to floor for a new house, installing carpets may not be too good for property valuation. 

Polished Concrete

Home Flooring

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Concrete flooring is one of the new flooring trends in recent times. They are a unique type of flooring and a cost-effective means of beautifying your house. Concrete flooring can be used for most parts of the house, although there are specific types of concrete flooring that may better fit these parts of your house. This flooring is commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen as well, and it also come in several designs. 

This is a very durable flooring option, so if you want something that will last for a long time, then this is your best bet. The floor is easy to maintain. For the most part, it requires only mopping from time to time, although the frequency will depend on how often the floor is used. 

While polished concrete is nice for living rooms, the same cannot be said for bathrooms. This floor can be very cold, and slippery when wet, meaning that you need to take extra caution in the bathroom if installed. Also, it is not a DIY project. It requires the service of a professional to get the concrete grinding and polishing properly done. If for any reason there is an error in the installation, it is very difficult to correct after the floor is done. Also, since concrete flooring is hard, it is not so ideal for homes with kids. 


Home Flooring

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This flooring is not common in homes, but it is one other cheap alternative that you can try. It is durable and comfortable and requires low maintenance as well. Installation is easy, so you can pick and fix any colors or patterns that you desire. This flooring is a good option if you are looking to save money; it has a lot of incredible features at a low cost. However, compared to hard floors vinyl flooring can show dents more easily and may need to be replaced after some years. 

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