How Do You Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery
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On March 13, 2021

Most people are not aware of whether generators have batteries. The diesel generators, for instance, are the common brands you find with batteries. These accessories are of great importance. without them, they won’t start. Moreover, they only start up whenever these batteries have sufficient power. Westinghouse generators also have batteries that require adequate power to help them start. 

At times, these batteries get depleted. The solution you remain with is charging the batteries to enable the generator to start. So, how do you charge a Westinghouse generator battery? Our discussion at the architecture designs will enlighten you on the process of charging a Westinghouse generator battery and maintaining them. 

How Do You Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery?

Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery


Proper charging of Westinghouse generator batteries is the solution for the easy start-up process of the generator. However, most people may lack an idea of how to carry out the exercise. If you are among such people, worry less since this article covers you to the fullest. So, how do you charge a Westinghouse generator battery? Let’s have a limelight on this idea to enable our generators to continue serving us throughout. 

Before you start this exercise, remember you’re dealing with electricity. So, there are measures you need to adhere to if you need to accomplish the process. Below are a handful of measures from Westinghouse Generators Reviews to adhere to when you start this project.

  • Charge the Westinghouse battery in a well-ventilated environment. Do it in a place free from open fires and other forms of sparks. 
  • Ensure you are not near water when charging these batteries. Instead, charge in environments where there is wind and snow.
  • Before you get off or remove the connector, ensure the charger is cut off. 
  • You can use a static charger to charge a Westinghouse generator battery. However, ensure you disconnect the charger from the generator connection set. 
  • Ensure you have connected the charger to suitable electricity.

Now, you should adhere to these measures throughout the charging process. Moreover, the measures prevent you from mishaps that might happen in the charging process. Above all, you should adhere to the right battery connection method as possible. 

Charger Operation

Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery


When charging a generator battery, you should first connect the charge to electricity. Follow to complete the connection to your battery. The charging process starts immediately after completing the connection. Have a look at how charging takes place. 

During the charging process, you should unplug all the exhaust covers. Always ensure you have the correct amount of electrolyte in your battery. In addition, ensure you maintain the right amount of distilled water. Now, the battery capacity will determine the charge rate. You can turn your charger on to inspect for the normal charge rate of your battery. 

Typically, the charging current will decrease when you start charging your battery. The charging current will also decrease continually as the voltage-current continues to increase. You can determine the battery’s specific gravity using a hydrometer while still charging. 

Always never overcharge a battery since this is a means of damaging it. Consequently, stay careful with the charging temperatures since high temperatures damage batteries. Westinghouse battery manufacturers recommend charging in temperatures not exceeding 45 degrees.

Dealing with the First Charge

Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery


Charging these batteries, whether an old or new one, is similar. However, the charging time matters, especially when dealing with the first charge. During the first recharging period, you should recharge the battery within the hour of electrolyte injection. Moreover, the first charge requires an individual to do a charge of not less than four hours. Undercharging the battery is one way of destroying it. Also, this is a way of damaging the battery capacity. 

Note: Always inspect the level of the electrolyte in your battery. It would be of more importance if you considered doing so after the charging process. If there is no sufficient amount, ensure you refill to the right levels. 

Maintenance of Westinghouse Generator Batteries

Battery manufacturers always recommend their customers to maintain their products to serve them longer. Let’s equip readers with insights about how they should maintain their batteries with these tips.

Ensure there is Sufficient Water in the Battery

Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery


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After some time of usage, the water in your battery will come down. You can do this whether the generator is in use or not. Whether you’re still charging the battery or not. Always ensure a sufficient amount of water is in the battery. Low water levels facilitate damage to the battery. Therefore, ensure you maintain the necessary levels all through.

Always Tighten and Clean the Terminals

Another maintenance strategy of the Westinghouse generator batteries is ensuring you clean the terminals. Moreover, ensure the terminals are ever tight. There is a creation of gaps between the poles and terminals during continuous operation. This later leads to oxidation between these gaps. Therefore, ensure they maintain tight all through and clean. You can apply something like Vaseline to prevent oxidation. 

Test the Voltage

Charge a Westinghouse Generator Battery 4


Thirdly, it’s essential to know the exact battery voltage all through. You can use a multimeter to do the checkup. The results of measurements shouldn’t be lower than 12V. Something below this level means the battery won’t start up the generator as required. Lesser amounts at the same time won’t provide sufficient starter power for it to work. Therefore, always check these levels to ensure you have a working battery. Otherwise, you should replace batteries whose voltage is less than 12V. 

Ensure You Start the Generator Frequently

Lastly, an inactive generator for an extended period can destroy the battery. Ensure you turn it on after a certain period. Something like once or twice a week works best in this case. 


So, how do you charge a Westinghouse generator battery? Our successful guide has touched into detail on how to charge these batteries. However, the process becomes successful if you follow a professional guide. Ensure you make a proper connection throughout the system. Moreover, adhering to the safety measures is paramount when handling such a project. Otherwise, you might damage your battery or get hit by electric mishaps. 

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