How to Discourage Pests from Making a Home in Your Garden
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On November 23, 2021

While there is no guarantee that you’re not going to deal with pests in your garden at some point, the good news is that there are several things that you can do to reduce the pest population and the risk of damage to your plants, garden fixtures, and garden furniture. No matter the time of year, pests can become a problem in any garden. These tips will help you keep your plants problem-free and healthy. 

Give Plants Room

Discourage Pests from Making a Home in Your Garden


It can be tempting to add as much colour as possible to your garden by trying to squeeze in as many as possible. But while it can look great, it can also lead to trouble in the long run. It’s important to make sure that your garden and each plant in it gets a good amount of air circulation on a regular basis. Plants that are packed too tightly together tend to be very appealing to feeding insects that will use them to shelter from the weather and as cover from predators. Create more space in your garden by removing any unwanted structures such as old garden sheds that are no longer in use. Swat Demolition Services removes and demolishes unwanted structure from your garden, so you can create a new area for planting without risking packing plants in too tightly. They’ll also remove any debris that might attract pests, to keep your home free from infestations. 

Attract Beneficial Insects

Discourage Pests from Making a Home in Your Garden


Not all insects are going to be a pest in your garden. Not every insect is looking to feed on your plants – some are carnivores, who will be beneficial in your garden for reducing the population of pests. It’s a good idea to spend some time learning about the beneficial insects for your garden and how to attract them with the plants that they favour. 

Water in the Morning

Watering your plants in the morning might sometimes be easier said than done, but getting into a routine with it offers some advantages. First of all, your garden will thrive since your plants are going to be well hydrated by the hottest part of the day if you have already watered them in the morning. And, plants that are less stressed and less likely to wilt due to a regular morning watering schedule will not be as appealing to insect pests that feed on stressed plants. Along with this, watering in the morning allows the leaves to be dry by the evening, making them less likely to attract common pests like slugs and snails. 

Attract Birds and Frogs

Discourage Pests from Making a Home in Your Garden


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It’s a good idea to make your garden as appealing as possible to animals that eat insects, such as frogs, toads and birds. Sometimes, putting a bowl of water out is all that’s needed to attract these animals to come and act as pest control in your garden. You may also want to consider setting up a toad house in your garden or a bird feeder to attract more birds – good for pest control and for bird watching too. 

In the garden, insect pests can wreak more havoc than you might realize. With these tips at The Architecture Designs, you can discourage these pests from setting up home in your outdoor space.  

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