Easy Solutions of Vinyl window Problems
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On August 22, 2020

Are you thinking about installing a vinyl window in your home? Have you started researching on the internet? Then you must have come across some of the reviews that talk about the problems associated with Vinyl windows Toronto.

Most of the professionals of The Window Experts in Etobicoke choose vinyl windows for the homeowners because they offer fabulous performance ratings and come at relatively lower prices. These windows are lighter than the aluminium and the wood ones, and thus, easier for the professionals to install them.

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However, just like any other products under the sun, the vinyl windows are not indestructible. Even though these windows do not require any regular maintenance, however, exceptions still take place.

In the following section of this article, we will try to talk about the five most common problems that the homeowners with vinyl windows face. You should check the problems and the associated easy solution to them so that you can solve the window problem yourself the next time. These problems and solutions will also help you to identify the good from the bad and the ugly. Check the following section of this article to know more.

Sealed Unit Failure

Problem: Pressure Cracks

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In most of the windows, the glass accounts for about 70% of surface areas. Canada has the notoriety of extreme weather swings within a couple of hours. This sudden change of temperature can cause the glass of the windows to contract and expand rapidly. This rapid contraction and expansion can trigger the crack in the glass pane.


You can replace the old window with a new one that comes in the same model. As most of the windows come with a warranty, if such incidents occur in the first year of installation, you might get the entire window changed without spending anything.

Problem: sealed Unit Failure

This problem is not that common like the above one. However, it does take place when the window unit is compromised and lets the Argon gas escape from the windowpane. The argon gas is generally inserted between the glass layers to reduce the heat transfer through the window. When the gas escapes the window pane, condensation between the glasses takes place. Whenever you experience obstructed vision due to condensation, know that there is a problem of escaping argon gas.


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Even though this problem is rare, it does take place. That’s why most window companies offer a lifetime warranty on the failed sealed units. In most cases, Window Experts in Etobicoke will offer the glass without any charges. However, the homeowner might have to pay the necessary labor charges. If this incident takes place within the first year of installation, the window company will take care of the changed windows as well as labor charges.

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Problem: Physical Damage

Some unfortunate events, like the rock hitting the window or the improper usage of the window can cause some physical damage.


You can change the sealed window unit with another one that looks exactly like it. However, know that the homeowner has to bear the window charges as well as the labor charges for this type of problem.

Problem: Stripped Cranks

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Most people love to install the awning and casement windows at their homes because of their energy efficiency. The problem takes place when the crank handle gets overly tightened for bringing the slash closer to the window. This problem generates from the misconception of the homeowners that the tighter he/she winds the handle, the tighter the window will be.


There is a simple solution to this problem. You should never tighten the crank handle anymore once the shash meets the window frame. You need to leave a small gap to make sure that the multipoint mechanism does its job.

Problem: Broken Tilt Pins on the Hung or Slider Windows

Tilt and turn windows comes with small latches on the top and the bottom of the windows. These latches are often made of plastics with a loaded spring inside. If these windows are smashed back to its place, then these latches can easily break. This is what causes the window to fixate on the railing.


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You should know how to operate the window properly. Gently slip the window back in place to keep the pins in good condition, and your window will stay intact for eternity.

Problem: Old Weather Stripping

Generally, weather strippings are piled in the hung, slider and hopper windows. Excessive use of these windows can pretty easily cause the stripping to wear out. This is what causes water leakage and other draft-related issues.


The pile weatherstripping is easy to replace the component. Most sliding windows have outside channels where the weather stripping slides. You just need to use the hand snips to pry and remove the excess weather stripping. Once done, roll the new ones in place.

Proper operation and maintenance can help you to keep your vinyl window as good as new for years. Even though you can solve most of the window related issues yourself, don’t hesitate to call the professionals of The Window Experts in Etobicoke for help if necessary.

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